Turkey outreach with OM Building Bridges
15-Jun-2016 | Austria

The OM Austria Building Bridges team gains valuable experience during a short term trip to Turkey.

An OM retreat renews vision
13-Jun-2016 | Switzerland

Lawrence and Susan Tong encourage the OM Switzerland team during their annual retreat.

Anti-Trafficking in Italy
09-Jun-2016 | Italy

The anti-trafficking efforts by OM Italia are developing as they work to involve the local church in this outreach.

Eagles, geese and real men
01-Jun-2016 | Moldova

Adolescent boys discover what it means to be a real man during OM Moldova’s first boys’ conference, an event expanding OM’s ministry among...

Leaving Lesvos
05-May-2016 | Greece

Day after day, OM volunteers staffed transit camps meeting and loving refugees on Lesvos. After roughly nine months, the ministry is closing down.


Vision for the least reached
22-Jun-2016 | Pakistan

Amir's vision for ministry is enlarged through OM Pakistan's School of Mission outreach experience.

Jemima and Amitaf
22-Jun-2016 | Turkey

God uses an OMer working amongst Kurdish refugees in Turkey to reach a whole family through one contact.

“I am not worth it to believe in Jesus."
22-Jun-2016 | Russia

Boukje Fokkema from the Netherlands shares her mission trip experience, praying with a man in Siberia.

Building shelter, building impact
22-Jun-2016 | Montenegro

An OM couple serving in Bar, Montenegro share how a short-term team building a shelter has had positive and lasting impact on a community they...

Model houses in Langtang
15-Jun-2016 | South Asia

An orphan boy and his extended family receive the first rebuilt home in Langtang on the one-year anniversary of the earthquake that destroyed the village.



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