Perseverance in adversity
06-Jan-2017 | Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana :: Children trudge through flooded fields to get to a kid's event held by Logos Hope crewmembers.

‘Live with the opportunities’
05-Jan-2017 | Hungary

Participants from a day of outreach to refugee families in Budapest share their experiences.

A Seminar-retreat for pastors from the conflict zone in Ukraine
21-Dec-2016 | Ukraine

OM Ukraine and experts in crisis management held a seminar for pastors serving on both sides of the conflict line in Eastern Ukraine.

Celebrating with family
20-Dec-2016 | Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana :: Themed Advent services, holiday decorating, and a school open house keep volunteers busy as they celebrate Christmas on board Logos...

Teenstreet Malaysia 2016 starts
14-Dec-2016 | Malaysia

Teenstreet Malaysia 2016 begins, and teens there are studying "The Art of Living".


Changing violent attitudes through football
13-Jan-2017 | Argentina

God's faithfulness is shown when a dangerous situation is prevented during a football ministry in a notorious neighborhood in Cordoba, Argentina.

The right people in the right place at the right time
13-Jan-2017 | Ireland

OM Ireland's Mobilising director shares her thoughts about going "into all the world."

Little troublemakers? No, science explorers!
13-Jan-2017 | Kosovo

Children whose educational progress has been impacted by abuse, discover the wonders of science for the first time.

Tea and friendship in the OM tent
13-Jan-2017 | Serbia

OM Serbia, with the help of volunteers from several nations, are providing sweet tea, and friendship, to the refugees at a camp in Sid, Serbia.

My Word will not return empty
11-Jan-2017 | Moldova

Prayer and the Word of God have had a powerful and liberating effect in the lives of neglected poor people visited by ‘Love Moldova’ outreach...



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