Truth and authority
15-Apr-2014 | Germany

Two Pakistani men understand the meaning of Jesus' ascension through reading the Bible with an OM Germany's Xenos team member.

Church planting through friendship
15-Apr-2014 | Turkey

A local church, with the help of an OM outreach team, invites Turks to engage and see the church as a welcoming community.

Weekend getaway restores hope
07-Apr-2014 | Philippines

Over 50 pastors and family members from Tacloban enjoy a weekend getaway organised by OM Philippines from 7-9 March.

Into the last frontier
28-Mar-2014 | Philippines

From 8-26 April, OM Philippines will host their annual short-term missions conference GO EXTRA MILE in Palawan for the first time ever.

Literacy programme empowers
27-Mar-2014 | Nepal

OM Nepal's Village Partnership Teams teach people how to read and equip local believers with tools to share their faith.


Growth on the trampoline
15-Apr-2014 | Finland

“I am more excited about God now,” says one young Swiss lady after three months working alongside OM Finland to reach youth in Tampere.

Being a brick in a new house
15-Apr-2014 | Malawi

After completing the teachers training course, a young Zambian goes to Malawi where he serves as a father figure for 15 children.

Led by the Spirit
11-Apr-2014 | Romania

Used by God beyond her skills as a dentist, an outreach participant shares the gospel with a disabled woman, whose life is forever changed.

God transforms lives in Yemen
09-Apr-2014 | Arabian Peninsula

A collection of stories of how God is transforming lives and communities in Yemen

Little Jie makes big impact
07-Apr-2014 | Far East

A three-year-old with cerebral palsy, who was abandoned at birth, significantly impacts the lives of his family in the last days of his life.



International Update - Peter Maiden

Arab World: The half that must be told

A series on the Arab World that explores issues and misconceptions, living and working in the region and how God is moving.

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