Open doors
22-Jul-2014 | United Kingdom

Members of Christ Church in Lye and OM’s local team visit neighbourhoods to invite residents to church, hand out tracts or hear prayer...

Channels of Hope in Malaysia and Myanmar
21-Jul-2014 | Malaysia

In an effort to respond to the growing need, OM partner organisation AIDSLink International conducts Channels of Hope training in Malaysia and Myanmar.

Standing on the Father's Rock
17-Jul-2014 | Namibia

Young men from African nations find their identity and destiny through hiking in Namibia with the Wilderness Therapy Programme.

The Gospel comes to life
16-Jul-2014 | Israel

Two OM workers introduce friends to the story of redemption through a trip to Jerusalem.

Here we go again!
11-Jul-2014 | Italy

Cyclist Michel Di Felciantonio writes an open letter to supporters of Ride2Transform, a tour through Italy to raise awareness for OM projects.


A second generation steps out
25-Jul-2014 | Ships

Name: Sam Castro
Home: Pachuca, Mexico
Born in: March 1988
Joined OM Ships: September 2013
Previous employment: Veterinarian
Current job on board: Shift leader in the book fair

From Scotland, with love
23-Jul-2014 | Montenegro

With the help of two Scottish special-needs teachers, OM Montenegro passionately improves the lives of children with autism and the lives of their families.

The prayer-answering God
22-Jul-2014 | Bangladesh

A young Bangladeshi man combines his faith and passion for football after experiencing God’s transforming power in his and his family’s lives.

'For such a time as this'
17-Jul-2014 | Montenegro

OM worker Biljana Somborac desires to help the broken hearted and see local believers grow. Read what God has done in her life.

Yat Lau Yat Fung Yat Mong
16-Jul-2014 | Hong Kong

Over 300 women work in Yat Lau Yat Fung – one woman, one-room walk-ups. OM works to bring each woman “Yat Mong” – one hope...



International Update - Peter Maiden


Where are the crazy people when you need them?

Greg Kernaghan suggests we create more space for those out-of-the-box, “crazy” thinkers in our midst, who resemble our organisation’s forerunners.

The way I see it: Transforming lives 

“Let’s take time and reflect on how we are transforming the lives of those God has entrusted into our hands,” says OM leader Roberto Facanha.

Doing it ‘right’ or…?

In the complexities of life in missions, Jan den Ouden realises nothing is “cut and dried” and talks about the importance of relationships in decision...

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