OM Celebrates 60 Years

OM is celebrating 60 years in 2017. Weekly over the course of the coming anniversary year, we are presenting 60 defining moments that have shaped OM into what we are today.

On this rock (or from this dock) churches founded
27-Mar-2017 | Ships

OM’s ships connect with local churches in every port of call. Existing fellowships have added new believers, and new churches have been planted in the wake of a ship visit.

Something for everyone
19-Mar-2017 | France

In the 1980s, OM organised large summer campaigns with the huge task of covering every town and village in France with Christian literature.

God loves Albania
13-Mar-2017 | Albania

In 1991, after 45 years of Albania being closed to the gospel, an OM team moves into the country and starts one of the first fellowships.

One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade
06-Mar-2017 | China

Thirty-five years ago MV Logos sailed into Shanghai, a visit that paved the way for future ship visits. Today, OM seeks to mobilise Chinese-speaking churches across the East Asia Pacific.

Justice for refugees
26-Feb-2017 | International

In the early days, OM focused only on evangelism; today workers also seek to show Jesus’ love to refugees in both word and deed.

Close your eyes and listen
19-Feb-2017 | Iran

OM arrived in Iran in the early ’60s but was forced to flee in 1979. Years later, God opened doors to work with the church and support a growing movement...

Finding God's purpose in Pakistan
13-Feb-2017 | Pakistan

The road that moves the church where it's never been is usually not the easiest path. This is the story of OM’s work among the unreached people in Sindh province.

Awakening Latin America
06-Feb-2017 | Ecuador

Doulos had a transforming impact on Latin America and its church. To this day, it is remembered as the initiator of the mission movement in Latin America.

Pray, then act
28-Jan-2017 | International

Since OM’s beginning, workers have discovered wisdom from above, provision from His hand, protection and open doors through seasons of prayer in seemingly impossible situations.

The catalyst of two new believers
21-Jan-2017 | Bangladesh

The faith of two young Bangladeshi men in 1976 served as a catalyst to OM’s focused outreach and the training of hundreds of new workers.

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