OM Celebrates 60 Years

OM is celebrating 60 years in 2017. Weekly over the course of the coming anniversary year, we are presenting 60 defining moments that have shaped OM into what we are today.

Reviving Korean passion for missions
16-Jan-2017 | South Korea

Since 1975, OM ships have acted as a catalyst in the spiritual awakening of countless Koreans. Since then, thousands of Koreans have served with OM all over the world.

From vision to reality
09-Jan-2017 | Ships

The story of how OM’s Ship Ministry began

Beginning of long-term ministry
01-Jan-2017 | International

After the impact of initial OM summer campaigns, George Verwer asked in 1963 if anyone would be willing to work with OM for at least a year.

Turks turn to Christ: The story of the Bible Correspondence Course
17-Dec-2016 | Turkey

No known believers from a Muslim background existed in Turkey when the first two OMers arrived in 1961. Now, nearly half of the 7,000 believers there can trace their journey...

God’s loophole in the Iron Curtain
10-Dec-2016 | International

Three men smuggled Bibles into Eastern Europe and witnessed God work in miraculous ways as they stepped out in faith.

No risk too great, no idea too crazy
04-Dec-2016 | International

Over 60 years, OM has witnessed its workers ‘sold out for the gospel’. During the Communist Era, OM conducted one of the largest Bible-smuggling operations behind the Iron Curtain.

OM's early days in India
27-Nov-2016 | India

In 1963, the first OM team travelled overland from Europe to India, sharing the gospel along the way and initiating a movement that would reached millions with the gospel.

Pioneers and icebreakers in the Middle East and North Africa
20-Nov-2016 | International

OM’s work in the Middle East North Africa region has evolved from long road trips with literature, yet continues the same pioneering spirit and passion for the unreached.

OM's radical lifestyle
12-Nov-2016 | International

In the '60s, George Verwer and his non-conformist followers brought a clear call to radical discipleship demonstrated in lifestyle and philosophy, not for a summer but for a lifetime.

God calls ordinary Christians to short-term outreaches
06-Nov-2016 | Spain

In the 1960s, when OM accepted untrained people for short-term campaigns, it was unheard of. Today, it has become a gateway into missions.

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