Godly provision

01 Sep, 2011 | Mexico
OM International
Lucila, a lady who visited a womens conference during the OM Mexico July outreach in Huatulco, Oaxaca, found the doctor she needed.
Lucila’s foot was bandaged, but she didn’t really know what was wrong with it. Though she wasn’t able to stand on her foot, she didn’t have the money to go see a doctor. Lucila, a member of the Faith, Hope and Love Church in Santa María Huatulco, Mexico, met OMer Isabel García during the OM Mexico July outreach in the state of Oaxaca.  

 “She told me she had seen a doctor once,” says Isabel. “But he didn’t really give her a solution.” Isabel promised the lady she’d pray for her. In her heart she felt that she needed to do something for her.

During the following days, Isabel preached during a women’s conference in the same area. To her surprise, Lucila attended. “Again, I felt that I had to do something for her,” says Isabel. She asked Paty, one of the participants in the outreach, if there would be a doctor amongst all the ladies attending the conference. There was. Paty and Isabel presented Lucila to doctor Mitzar and told her about the problem with her foot.

Lucila took off her bandage and her foot was black. Doctor Mitzar asked Lucila to come to the hospital the next day. She was diagnosed with a virus in her foot and doctor Mitzar made sure she’d get all the treatment she needed for her foot to be healed. “It was godly provision,” says Isabel. “Praise God for the miracles He does.”

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