Going to new heights to share the gospel

03 Oct, 2011 | Mexico
OM International
Childrens programme in a remote indigenous community in Mexico. A group of thirteen people from the northwest of Mexico recently dedicated a week to visit the Huichol tribe in the mountains of the Nayarit state.
The outreach team of 13 people travelled 17 hours by car, two hours by boat, six hours by foot and finally one more hour by car to visit the Huichol tribe, a remote indigenous community living in the mountains of the Nayarit state of Mexico, 3,000 metres above sea level.

“For us who aren’t used to being in heights like this, this was quite a tiring experience,” said one of the participants in the outreach organised by the OM team in Sonora, Mexico. “Even the least physical efforts made us feel exhausted. We were all out of breath.”

But despite the unusual environment, the team still brought the good news of Christ to the men, women and children of the Huichol tribe.

During the first day, the team offered activities for children. “It was very interesting to see that the kids remembered immediately everything we taught them,” one participant said. “We found that no one ever before had talked to them about the love of God. They had never had a Bible class. They were really eager to hear it all and learned the things rapidly.”

In different meetings for men and women, the team members could see how God started to restore the lives of many people.

“It was definitely worth it to have travelled two days to get to these people,” said OM Sonora team leader Andres Mendez. “I believe that God made them and put them in these mountains. With this visit we have been able to really understand the value of the churches in our community and share some of the love we receive in Christ with the Huichol people.”

Please pray that a firm church would be established in the Huichol community, and that many people will grow in their knowledge of God and His Word. Please also pray that God will prepare and send out more workers to this area.

“The people are ready to receive the Word,” said Pastor Waldo Castro. “But we need more workers to bring it to them.”

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