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06 Dec, 2011 | Colombia
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Martha Ardila pauses for a picture during OM Ecuadors medical campaign in April 2010. Martha visited the Ecuador team during the medical campaign and for several weeks before being commissioned to return to Colombia and begin an OM field in her native country.
Although Colombia is the fourth largest country in South America, it has one of the tiniest OM teams. In 2010 Martha Ardila agreed to pioneer the ministry in Cartagena under Roberto Facanha’s Andean Region leadership, which also extends to Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru. Working from home since there’s no office as yet, Martha’s team consists of a few occasional volunteers. But that doesn’t stop her from making big plans!

“I love ministry and visit the prison every Thursday to share the Word of God with inmates,” enthuses Martha. “Next year we are planning to teach some workshops at the women’s prison. Also in 2012 I hope to bring a church team from the U.S. to do sport ministries in a very poor and needy area of Cartagena. A group called Foundation of Jesus works here, and the director has already put me in touch with schools.”

Earlier this year, Martha took the HIV and AIDS Channels of Hope facilitators’ training from AIDSLink, which works in partnership with OM. A recent mission congress in Bogotá gave her good contacts with pastors all over Colombia, which opens doors for her to Bogotá churches interested in hosting a Channels of Hope workshop.

“I need a lot of strength and wisdom to do this job,” Martha admits. “Without finances and personnel, I cannot advance. Please support me in your prayers—and consider coming to Colombia to join me!”

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