Bus4Life brings positive influence to small town

09 Jan, 2012 | Moldova
OM International
The Bus4Life in Moldova alongside an Orthodox church.
During the Bus4Life's visit to Glodeni, a town of about 10,000 inhabitants in northeast Moldova, the OM team felt honoured by everyone, even the local media. Upon arrival, the town mayor personally saw that they had everything they needed and gave them a good spot in the centre of town to park the bus. A reporter and cameraman from the local TV station also paid the team a visit. That evening, the report aired on local television and featured online.

"We were amazed at the positive report they gave us," commented OMer Esther. “The reporter took the initiative to invite people to visit the Bus4Life, and a boy he interviewed told the reporter that he was reading one of the books so that he could know something about God. The link between the Bus4Life and the local evangelical church was clearly stated too.”

A day later, the local pastor called the team to report on the positive turnout at church. Many people had become interested in knowing more about God through the ministry of the Bus4Life. Praise God for the good connections between the team, evangelical church, local media and authorities. Please pray for the continued impact of the Bus4Life ministry. For more information: www.bus4life.org.

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