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Over and above what was asked

God provides for OM EAST’s Bosnia Schoolbags Project this year in special and surprising ways.

New booklet for red light ministries

OM EAST produces a new booklet that brings a message of hope to women working in prostitution.

Bayash studying the Bible

OM EAST is helping meet the need for Bible study booklets to help Bayash Christians grow in their faith.

I saw the Lord

OM sees spiritual breakthrough when the University of Music and Performing Arts hosts an evangelistic concert – something not thought possible a few years ago.

A dream come true

After two years of hard work, a new church is born in Austria.

Creating comics to bring “Light in the Darkness”

Why and how OM EAST produces Christian comics to reach minority peoples

Time of Sowing for Bayash  and Time of Harvest for Arli

OM EAST - Just before Easter 2010, the Hitchings travelled to Serbia with Simon (OM EAST) to deliver 1200 copies of "My First Bible" in...

Small town, big God

During Easter, the oldest town in Austria celebrated the life of Jesus and furthered the dream of planting a church.

Planting churches in hard soil

In a country with few evangelical churches, OM Austria aims to establish a worship point in every town with a population over 5,000.

Strangers at our doorstep

OM sees God working in the lives of a few of the thousands of asylum seekers in Austria.

Digging up the past II

In the 70s, OM was considered a strange movement that thought ordinary Christians could share the Gospel and train workers—a revolutionary idea in those days.

Digging up the past

As OM Austria prepares for its 50th anniversary this summer, they have been delving into old records and photos. Read about how a flower seller...

When the Rubber Hits the Road

Profile of a veteran driver with OM EAST

His Eye is On the Sparrow

OM East reaches out to forgotten peoples with literature and aid

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