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The Substitute goalie

An atheist's curiosity leads him to hear about God.

HIV positive, but positive about life

One Uzbek woman gains new hope after receiving the help she needs after finding out she is HIV positive.

'Get out of my brothel!'

God is allowing OMers to slowly build relationships with the owners of a brothel in Central Asia.

From homeless to hopeful

Anna, a homeless woman, found the source of life through the love and care of an OM team in Central Asia.

Two curious Muslim girls

Two Muslim girls from Central Asia hear the entire gospel story.

Connecting to worship in Central Asia

An app of praise and worship songs is allowing Central Asian believers to share and access music in their heart languages.

From the streets to seminary

Azamat was living in the streets, but through the ministry of OM team members in Central Asia he moved into rehabilitation and then seminary.

The long arm of the Lord

A moving story of the anti-human trafficking outreach in Central Asia.

Every tribe and tongue and nation

A dream comes true - the first OM recruit from her country sends the next group of recruits to the OM ship.

Prepared beforehand

A new worker is able to use his profession to reach out in Central Asia.

Seeking merit from God

An OMer shares with a local Muslim man through the concept of earning merit with God.

God was chasing me

A girl from Central Asia shares her testimony about how she became a believer after seven years of hearing about Jesus.

Freed from the marketplace

A sex worker in Kazakhstan finds freedom in Christ.

Reading with Bibi

A worker in Central Asia has a unique opportunity to read Scripture and pray with an older neighbour.

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