Love coming from his eyes

03 Dec, 2014 | North Africa
Nicole James
Friends share Arabic coffee and talk about God in North Africa.  
Photo by Kathryn Berry
At seven years old, Jonathan* was an unlikely evangelist. Skinny, sensitive, and unable to communicate well in the local language, Jonathan was constantly bullied by his classmates. His parents, workers in North Africa, had taught Jonathan not to fight back.

Lacking supervised recess and open play spaces, Jonathan’s local school offered limited resources for building friendships. When children were not in lessons, they had to go home. Concerned about Jonathan, his parents and their teammates prayed that the young boy would do well in his studies and that he would find a friend.

One day, when Jonathan’s mom, Marie*, arrived at the concrete courtyard to pick up her son, she saw him playing with Ibrahim*, another boy ridiculed by classmates. Drawn together by their common situation, Ibrahim and Jonathan quickly became friends.

“Mama, I love Jonathan because he has such love shining out of his eyes,” Ibrahim told his mother, Leila*.

Keen to develop the newly formed friendship, Leila arranged a play date at her home. Soon after, Marie and Jonathan visited Leila and Ibrahim, the two ladies drinking coffee while their sons played. Reciprocating the hospitality, Marie invited Leila and Ibrahim for a second meeting.

As the women chatted, Leila suddenly spoke up: “My son said Jonathan has love coming out of his eyes, but you do as well.”

“It’s because of Jesus,” Marie answered. Sensing Leila’s interest, Marie shared the Gospel.

“Are you telling me that God sent Jesus, and Jesus lived on earth, and Jesus died to save us all?” Leila asked.

“Well, yes, I am telling you those things,” Marie responded. On and on the women talked, Leila repeating each Scripture verse and aspect of truth Marie shared.

When the visit ended, Marie met with her team, praising the Lord for Jonathan’s new friend, and the opportunity to share God’s love with his mother.

Pray that Scripture will take root in Leila’s heart and that she will come to faith in Jesus Christ.

*Name changed

Nicole James is an internationally published freelance journalist, ESL teacher and adventurer. After visiting the OM Near East Field with a Transform team and writing multiple feature articles for OM International, Nicole is excited to be back on the field as an OM MENA Communications Intern and looks forward to telling the stories of how God is moving throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Area.  

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