Wounded feet, healed heart

01 Oct, 2015 | Moldova
Esther Hippel
An outreach team visits an old couple in a Moldovan village during OM?s ?Love Moldova? programme this summer (2015). They had wanted to treat the lady?s wounded foot but instead helped to bring healing to her soul, as she accepted Jesus as her Lord at the end of the visit.
“How much I would enjoy explaining the Gospel to these people,” thought OM worker Claudia Schneider during her team’s visit with an elderly couple. Claudia, the leader of the OM Love Moldova outreach team, was eager to enable the group to share about God’s love.

When outreach teams visit needy families or the elderly, they often experience gratitude in response. The lonely elderly simply appreciate that someone has thought of them and burst into tears at receiving a hug. People feel better receiving prayer and thank God for the physical help brought by the team. They are open to hearing more about this God who motivated strangers to care about them.

However, on this particular visit the local pastor monopolized the conversation, and the older woman continued to speak as well. It seemed impossible for the team members to join in the conversation, and Claudia grew increasingly disappointed.

The old lady mentioned that she recently had her toes amputated due to suffering from diabetes. During their visit, the team noticed that the wound on her foot had not healed. One of the short-term participants on Claudia’s team works in an elderly home and knows how to treat feet. After their first visit, this participant asked to visit this woman and help her.

The pastor arranged another visit, and this time they brought with them everything they would need to treat the lady’s foot. However, when they offered this help to her, the lady refused. At first the team member was disappointed, but then she noticed the atmosphere in the room was different from the first time—very positive and open.

One team member shared how he decided to follow Jesus. The team explained how to start a relationship with God. The old lady’s husband didn’t grasp all of what was said—he’s had multiple strokes and suffered from memory lapses during the conversation—but even he realised something special was happening and wanted the team to pray. The older lady listened with great attention, and at the end of the visit they prayed together and she received Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

The team had wanted to take care of this old lady’s feet, but God took care of her heart.

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