Ten years later hearts are changing

23 Sep, 2015 | North Africa
Kris Wheeler
Young men hanging around the neighborhood in North Africa.  
Photo by Kathryn Berry
After 10 years in North Africa, an OM worker sees a change in the hearts of neighbours and friends. More questions are being asked, but who will share the answers? 

I was up early one Sunday morning heading to our international church where I lead worship. Carrying my guitar, I stopped at a café along the way for a cup of my favorite strong coffee to start my day. Seeing my guitar, the waiter asked me what I was doing and where I was going. "I am going to church,” I replied. 

His interest was evident. He wanted to know about church and what we do there. He asked what we use the guitar for and commented that there is no singing in the mosque. 

"Oh, I really want to come with you, but I have to work,” he said.  

So much has changed in North Africa in the last couple of years. I used to have many of the same kinds of discussions with people always arguing with me or trying to convert me to Islam. Now, people just want to know more. They are curious. They have questions. They are more likely to listen and accept what I have to say. They disagree with me less. They are open to know more. 

We believe that God has been answering our prayers; that He would soften people's hearts and cause them to be more open to hear and receive the good news. We have prayed for years that the seed would fall on good soil, not on hard and rocky ground to be blown away by the wind or eaten by the birds. We feel that our prayers are being answered.

It’s a new season in North Africa. There are many opportunities but few workers. Is God calling you to North Africa? Come join us. For more information, contact your local OM office.

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