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13 Jan, 2016 | Guatemala
OM International
A group of Freedom Climb worked with OM Guatemala for a week. Men of this group are mentoring young boys during a time of reflection.
Freedom Climb (Freedom Challenge) is an OM project in which a group of women climbs mountains to raise money and awareness for projects focusing on women and children suffering from abuse, neglect, and slavery. One project that benefitted from Freedom Climb last year was “Rescue” in Guatemala.

For a week in November, a team from Freedom Climb visited the “Rescue” project of OM Guatemala.

The project takes place at a house in Chimaltenango where 40-50 children come every week. OM team members and volunteers share the love of Jesus by playing with kids, serving them breakfast and lunch, and telling them stories from the Bible. The children come from poor families, and their parents often can’t buy a new pair of shoes or a schoolbag for them.

On this particular week, the Freedom Climb group prepared a programme for each day for the children, including devotionals and Bible stories in the mornings, and playing, drawing and making bracelets in the afternoons. They also worked with some mothers who visited the house to craft jewellery.

One afternoon the Freedom Climb group and OM team went home with children to pray with their families. The mothers welcomed them into their houses, shared their stories and needs, and showed deep gratefulness for the help their children were receiving.

On the last day of the week, all the kids and their mothers came to the project house for a small ceremony. After a time of worship and prayer, the kids performed choreography and sang a song. All the children received a medal, rewarding their effort and good behaviour throughout the week.

The team members of Freedom Climb wanted to celebrate all the children’s birthdays, so they sponsored a big party with sweets, cakes, sodas and the famous piñata. Every child received gifts which Freedom Climb bought for them. With lots of thankful and happy faces, the kids presented their new shoes, new schoolbags and accessories to their mothers.

At the end of the week, Gil, one of the leaders from Freedom Climb, told the OM team: "We may have been a blessing for you in Guatemala by answering some of the children’s needs and the time we spent with you, but you can't imagine what a blessing this week was for each of us!"

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Guatemala :: A painter from OM Arts carefully paints a circle on a wall of Project Rescue, a ministry of OM Guatemala operating a house for children.
Guatemala :: A child in Guatemala looking worried about something.

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