Good neighbours and good news
24-Oct-2014 | Israel

An OM worker in Israel has an opportunity to share the gospel with his neighbours.

As you have done onto them...
23-Oct-2014 | Guatemala

The smiles of children are a great motivation to keep on working for the team members of OM Guatemala.

A different kind of pollution
22-Oct-2014 | Israel

God gives an OM short term worker the perfect tract to explain the Gospel to an environmental activist.

School drop-outs receive holistic education
22-Oct-2014 | Philippines

OM Philippines’ Alternative Learning System teachers visit the homes of students in an effort to connect with their parents and encourage further education.

I am the prodigal son
21-Oct-2014 | Chile

OM Chile's Agape ministry has been running an Alpha course in the day centre for homeless people. Bethany Lyttle shares of her experience there.

Piece of the puzzle
20-Oct-2014 | Near East

OM Near East Field worker discovers God’s calling for her life. "It’s about follow through and perseverance," she said.

A multiplication of faith
17-Oct-2014 | Bangladesh

One man's encounter with an OM team leads to his son’s discovery of his talent as a tailor and desire to know God.

Jonah and the ball
15-Oct-2014 | Moldova, Republic of

During a sports camp 155 football enthusiastic boys find out what they have in common with an ancient prophet who was swallowed by a fish.

Healing through understanding
15-Oct-2014 | Pakistan

Teams help nominal Christian believers understand the truth of God's love for them so that they will worship Him instead of idols.

OM Russia: A mission team for families
10-Oct-2014 | Russian Federation

OM Russia leader Colin Cleaver discusses why he values the involvement of families in OM Russia’s ministry and encourages other families to consider missions.

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Near East :: Jordanian man dresses in traditional clothing for a special event.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Training, mentoring, discipleship, we seek to always learn and grow in the Near East Field.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Typical produce market buzzes with activity in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Produce markets provide fresh ingredients in the Near East.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: These men wear traditional Bedouin headscarves in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Men chatting during a street performance in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Bedouin man dresses as a traditional warrior among the ruins in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Thailand :: OM Thailand’s church-plant Piam Rak Family Church continues to grow in numbers and maturity. Started by young professionals, it is a self-sustaining community of believers today.

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