Anya's story (stories from Ukrainian refugees)
29-Apr-2016 | Ukraine

A 17 year old high school student shares about how she fled from the war zone and came to stay at OM Odessa's centre.

10 years with OM France 
28-Apr-2016 | France

Emily* has been heading up literacy language classes with OM France for over 10 years and will leave to return to the USA in June.

Dealing with addiction
28-Apr-2016 | Poland

Zosia and Monika couldn’t find an addiction therapist within a 60 kilometre radius of their town, so they became therapists themselves.

Perfectly timed help
28-Apr-2016 | Moldova

A team delivering firewood found their visits perfectly timed, as families had barely enough left to heat their homes.

Learning more than sewing
28-Apr-2016 | Albania

Erna Neufeld teaches sewing skills and shares the Gospel with women in a small Albanian town.

What I do have, I give to you
21-Apr-2016 | Italy

Christian Pilz spent a week in the refugee camp in Idomeni, where 13,000 people camp at the closed border. “What happened to us?” he wonders.

Living out faith in a Red Cross uniform
21-Apr-2016 | Belgium

OM team members Lucas and Debora Fingerlin experienced the bombings in Belgium firsthand as Red Cross volunteers.

OM making an impact: A personal account of a refugee
21-Apr-2016 | Ukraine

A 29 year old recounts how his family fled the war zone and came to stay at OM Odessa centre

Hope on the streets for children
19-Apr-2016 | Zambia

There is a belief that street kids are evil and cannot be helped. OM worker Christine Jones in Zambia believes differently.

A learner, not a teacher
19-Apr-2016 | Tanzania

Kagiso shares how he came to be in Zanzibar, and what he has learnt living on the island.

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