Waiting with the weary
27-Nov-2015 | Greece

OM Greece facilitates food distribution and children’s programmes at an Olympic arena in Athens now housing hundreds of refugees a night.

Planting a church? Start with sports
27-Nov-2015 | Zambia

Mwando village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika didn't have a church, but they did have an interest in sports.

Distributing God's love around the clock
23-Nov-2015 | Serbia

In his third update from Serbian/Croatian border, Volker Sachse says that in spite of increasingly difficulties, he can see God’s peace touch local people.

Fishing in the desert
20-Nov-2015 | Near East

Writer Nicole James joins two women on a ‘fishing’ trip in the Near East and experiences God provide opportunities to share truth with Muslim girls.

Logos Hope visits Myanmar as nation enters historic new chapter
19-Nov-2015 | Ships

The world’s largest floating book fair welcomes its five millionth visitor as the tour of Asia comes to a conclusion.

Developing 'Tabithas'
19-Nov-2015 | Zambia

OM Zambia develops women through skills training in sewing, cooking, embroidery and more to bring change to communities.

God’s game plan
13-Nov-2015 | Moldova

In OM Moldova’s efforts to reach boys through football, they unexpectedly witness God soften the heart of one coach, who at first rejected their message.

Just one ball
10-Nov-2015 | Zambia

It's more than just a sport. OM is using football at Lake Tanganyika to train and empower young boys.

Art as advocacy in missions
05-Nov-2015 | Near East

OM Middle East North Africa hosts an internship programme for writers, designers, photographers and film makers who desire to use art as advocacy in missions.

The precious stone
04-Nov-2015 | Ships

Former Logos Hope port volunteer Swens Wong discovers God’s creativity in his cake-baking business and uses his creations, and story, to bring God glory.

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