Healing and visions in the Arabian Peninsula
03-Jul-2015 | Arabian Peninsula

Muslim background believers in the Arabian Peninsula experience healing and visions in their journey to faith.

Beating the heat in Iraq
03-Jul-2015 | Near East

OM funds local partners to provide air coolers and fans for displaced Iraqis during summer’s intense heat.

We can pray for you
02-Jul-2015 | Mexico

Participants from seven churches share the Gospel in an outreach organised by OM Mexico in Monclova, Coahuila—a city known for drug trafficking.

A needle in a haystack
02-Jul-2015 | Turkey

In an Istanbul neighbourhood of 200,000 people, an OM worker, prompted by God, asks a question to the only person who knows the answer.

A marine engineer’s heartbeat
30-Jun-2015 | Ships

Four Nigerian marine engineering students studying in Cebu, Philippines, receive practical training and spiritual encouragement through a Logos Hope engineer.

Once and for all
26-Jun-2015 | South Africa

A Missions Discipleship Training participant discovers that his sins were dealt with by Jesus on the cross, making him free and forgiven, once and for...

‘How can I not accept such a Saviour?’
24-Jun-2015 | Central Asia

OM Russia’s church-planting ministry reaches out to Uzbeks in Novosibirsk, and over the last four years, they’ve seen dozens come to faith in Jesus.

God will change my country
24-Jun-2015 | South Sudan

OM South Sudan Field Leader Iskander Ali Noura writes about the state of his country and invites you to pray for peace in South Sudan.

Showing God's love is like pulling teeth
19-Jun-2015 | Zambia

Twice a week Lourie Ferreira heads out into rural Zambian communities to show God's love through dentistry.

Hope is growing in Talamanca
18-Jun-2015 | Costa Rica

People in Talamanca, an indigenous reserve of Costa Rica with a history of witchcraft, share their problems with OM workers and receive hope in Christ.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Philippines :: Subic Bay, Philippines : Tina Nanta (Thailand) talks to a woman at an event onboard for bar girls and ex-bar girls in the Logos Lounge.
Mozambique :: Otilia is one of the beneficaries of the Tabitha skills programme in Mozambique
Philippines :: Subic Bay, Philippines : Port volunteer, Oliver Latigar, writing a farewell card to say goodbye to Logos Hope.
Kosovo :: Kosovar children pose for a picture in the village
Kosovo :: A Kosovar family’s horse feeds in their field in the evening
Kosovo :: Mountains and city meet
Kosovo :: Through OM’s work with abused women, many are learning sewing skills to support themselves and their children.
Kosovo :: A kosovar woman sells chickens in the street market

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