A seed that took four years to bear fruit
31-Oct-2014 | Russian Federation

Four years after a member of OM Russia befriended her, an Uzbek lady in Novosibirsk came to faith.

Building community in the cave
30-Oct-2014 | Near East

Men’s ministry team experiences community and new growth while living in “The Cave”.

The race to meet the Prince of Peace
29-Oct-2014 | Bangladesh

As the OM sports team in Bangladesh rest after the recent R4TW running and rickshaw races, they look back on last year's event.

Open doors to God who answers prayer 
28-Oct-2014 | Pakistan

As OM Pakistan teams go door-to-door, they make a difference to the lives of two families who see how God changes their situations through prayer.

On the 'wings' of worship
28-Oct-2014 | Turkey

Kanat, which means 'wings' in Turkish, is the biannual worship arts camp run by the Taco team in Turkey.

Actions rather than words
27-Oct-2014 | El Salvador

A team mobilised by OM El Salvador walked for hours to show God’s love to the people of Cabañas. With actions rather than words.

Good neighbours and good news
24-Oct-2014 | Israel

An OM worker in Israel has an opportunity to share the gospel with his neighbours.

As you have done onto them...
23-Oct-2014 | Guatemala

The smiles of children are a great motivation to keep on working for the team members of OM Guatemala.

A different kind of pollution
22-Oct-2014 | Israel

God gives an OM short term worker the perfect tract to explain the Gospel to an environmental activist.

School drop-outs receive holistic education
22-Oct-2014 | Philippines

OM Philippines’ Alternative Learning System teachers visit the homes of students in an effort to connect with their parents and encourage further education.

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International :: Steffen Zoege joined OM 18 years ago. Last year, he started his new role as Chief Operating Officer for OM International, which means that he oversees all corporate services fucntions for OM. Steffen is married with Daniela and has one daughter, Lisa-Sophie. He works out of Germany.
United Kingdom :: Playing Football in Hyde Park
Moldova, Republic of :: In his recently published book Missionary, Me? Matthew Skirton, field leader of OM Moldova, shares his personal story and tells of the beginnings and the growth of the ministry of OM in Moldova in the 20 years since the vision was sparked in October 1994.
Russian Federation :: New life in the Uzbek fellowship, Novosibirsk.
Ukraine :: Chaplain Alyosha
Ukraine :: Soldiers With Gospel Tracks
Ukraine :: Wayne with Kevlar Helmets for War Zone Chaplains
El Salvador :: Love each other... was the Lord’s command. The OM team in El Salvador is looking for opportunities to show love and appreciation to the poor through the medical work.

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