Calm in the storm
16-Feb-2017 | Austria

Crisis turns into blessing as a local church reaches out to refugees arriving in Europe.

Dina - life returns at 30
16-Feb-2017 | Bangladesh

After suffering a traumatic injury from childbirth at a young age, Dina's life was restored through OM's tailoring skills training.

Santa Claus and the street corner
16-Feb-2017 | Hungary

An OMer in Hungary shares how God intervened in the lives of women in the sex industry through the Bus4Life ministry

Trying to get a bank account
16-Feb-2017 | Turkey

One OMer forms an unlikely friendship with a security guard while trying to get a bank account in Turkey

Milestones and called off engagements
16-Feb-2017 | Zambia

The Good News II School in Mpulungu, Zambia, has grown from 20 students to over 180. Students have grown from the values they learnt.

Exporting local products, importing love
15-Feb-2017 | North Africa

Workers find business opportunities using local products and model a lifestyle of integrity and love.

Ten tensions faced by OM workers in the Arabian Peninsula
15-Feb-2017 | Arabian Peninsula

OM workers in the Arabian Peninsula talk about tensions they encounter as they live, work and serve.

Available for use
14-Feb-2017 | Trinidad & Tobago

Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago :: Crewmembers inspire a school for deaf children to believe in themselves and their capability to be used by God.

Worth the cost
07-Feb-2017 | Argentina

A broken van leads to a renewed partnerships and the opportunity for new projects.

A bridge overseas
07-Feb-2017 | Ghana

An OM Czech medical team joins with OM Ghana to reach the poor with healing and good news.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Russia :: Outreach to the villages, where unreached people groups live
Russia :: Outreach to the villages, where unreached people groups live
Serbia :: Two young children at a refugee camp where OM works in Serbia.
Serbia :: OM staff and volunteers serve refugees in Serbia, making over 3000 cups of tea each day!
Austria :: OM EurAsia Support Team (OM EAST) is preparing to publish ‘Save our Sisters; An Action Guide for Helping Girls and Women at Risk Worldwide’ in a further six languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Georgian, Hungarian, Romanian and Serbian.‘Save our Sisters’ exposes injustices and human rights violations.  In Ukraine, the Russian edition is already in circulation, capturing the attention of doctors, pastors and church prayer groups. “This is a great resource!” the head of a Ukrainian regional department dealing with human trafficking told an OM partner. “It gives statistics that are not available in our country and it’s very helpful to have contact details of other organisations addressing similar issues.”  Please pray that as new translations of ‘Save our Sisters’ are distributed throughout Eastern Europe and the Balkans, it would open people’s eyes to exploitation in their own countries and beyond, serving as a catalyst to be part of prevention or rescue.
Nepal :: Clients and staff at one of their daily devotions at the care centre
Nepal :: An Aidslink Nepal worker teaches a client about how HIV/Aids is contracted and prevented.
Russia :: Altai woman accepted Christ during DC student outreach.

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