Sand between their toes
28-Jan-2015 | Arabian Peninsula

Couple goes to the Arabian Gulf for three years of adventure and income; over 30 years later, they’re still serving in the Arabian Peninsula.

Believers distribute winter warmth to Syrian refugees
23-Jan-2015 | Near East

Bible study at a local church provides hope for Syrian women and outlet for relationship-based relief.

God uses metal
21-Jan-2015 | Finland

Logos Hope crew member Tom Critchley spent three months in Finland. He shares about contemporary Christian music in Finland, focusing on the metal band Terapia.

Marriage changes everything
19-Jan-2015 | Arabian Peninsula

A newly married couple in the Arabian Peninsula finds fresh opportunity to share their story with local friends.

The little things
16-Jan-2015 | North Africa

Small successes are celebrated when working with handicapped children and planting churches in a North African country.

Healing Burundi
13-Jan-2015 | Burundi

Much pain and distrust exists in Burundi, but a new generation is stepping forward to present the gospel and reconciliation to their countrymen.

Arab outreach kicks off with U-turn 2015
07-Jan-2015 | Arabian Peninsula

Short-term outreach in the Arabian Peninsula provides cultural exposure and missions experience for visitors from around the world.

Special in Kosova
07-Jan-2015 | Kosovo

Do others’ opinions of us define our worth? What gives us value? OM Arts asks these questions across Kosovo through concerts of music and dance.

The crying lady smiles
06-Jan-2015 | Moldova, Republic of

A woman known by villagers as “the crying lady” finds a reason to smile and discovers that God responds when she cries out to Him.

Taking Christmas to the people
02-Jan-2015 | Japan

In Japan, the birth and life of Jesus Christ is hardly known. For this reason, Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to point people to Him.

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Arabian Peninsula :: The local proverb states, Once you have sand between your toes, you can never get it out.  Photo by Josiah Potter
Near East :: Church bells mingle with the mosque’s call to prayer; steeples and minarets both punctuate the skylines of cities in the Near East.  Photo by Josiah Potter
Near East :: Cross stiching is a common craft in this country in the Near East, where the traditional dress is covered in the different colors of cross stitch.  Photo by Kathryn Berry
Near East :: Believers distribute winter warmth to Syrian refugees in the Near East.  Photo by Julia
Guatemala :: A bible study group gathered a few days before Christmas and celebrated with the families of OM Guatemala’s Project Rescue with a programme, dinner and gifts for the children.
Guatemala :: An volunteer gives away a small gift to a girl during a Christmas celebration at Project Rescue in Guatemala.
Guatemala :: A christian magician makes the children laugh during a Christmas celebration in Guatemala.
France :: The team ready to welcome travelelers at the check-in desk, Global Village, France

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