A second generation steps out
25-Jul-2014 | Ships

Name: Sam Castro
Home: Pachuca, Mexico
Born in: March 1988
Joined OM Ships: September 2013
Previous employment: Veterinarian
Current job on board: Shift leader in the book fair

From Scotland, with love
23-Jul-2014 | Montenegro

With the help of two Scottish special-needs teachers, OM Montenegro passionately improves the lives of children with autism and the lives of their families.

The prayer-answering God
22-Jul-2014 | Bangladesh

A young Bangladeshi man combines his faith and passion for football after experiencing God’s transforming power in his and his family’s lives.

'For such a time as this'
17-Jul-2014 | Montenegro

OM worker Biljana Somborac desires to help the broken hearted and see local believers grow. Read what God has done in her life.

Yat Lau Yat Fung Yat Mong
16-Jul-2014 | Hong Kong

Over 300 women work in Yat Lau Yat Fung – one woman, one-room walk-ups. OM works to bring each woman “Yat Mong” – one hope...

Changing for the glory of God
15-Jul-2014 | Albania

An Albanian family living in difficulties receives godly help and embarks on a Bible study that brings about positive change in their lives.

Community living, Jesus style
15-Jul-2014 | Italy

How do you shine God’s light to people in the community in which God has placed you?

Couple's flexibility allows for effective ministry
11-Jul-2014 | Near East

OM couple in the Near East reaches out to Muslim neighbours in various ways.

They couldn't put me in a box
10-Jul-2014 | Arabian Peninsula

A single woman tells what it's like to serve God in the Arabian Peninsula.

Excitement about ice cubes
07-Jul-2014 | Panama

Participants in OM Panama’s after-school ministry for children from underprivileged neighbourhoods get excited about small things – even ice cubes.

About Features

Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Austria :: OM EAST: Developing the background of a new front cover
Austria :: OM EAST: bringing gifts of schoolbags and hope to disadvantaged children.
Macedonia :: Young people in Kratovo, Macedonia, enjoying the renovated church youth centre.
Macedonia :: Waldek and Wojtek, visiting from Poland, view the renovations they are making to the youth centre in Kratovo, Macedonia.
Macedonia :: Young people in Kratovo, Macedonia, enjoying the renovated church youth centre.
Near East :: Gardener takes a break during the work day.  Photos by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Local women knit with relatives in the Near East.  Photos by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Cook serves delicious Middle Eastern food to guests.  Photos by Garrett Nasrallah

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