Healed eyes
15-Jun-2017 | South Africa

During an outreach God used the MDT team to intervene for a young girl who went away praising God.

Sowing among Syrians in Turkey
15-Jun-2017 | Turkey

OM worker joins a new Arabic-speaking ministry among Syrians in Turkey.

The Quiet man
06-Jun-2017 | Bangladesh

One man's curiosity draws him to discover why the OM team members lead a different lifestyle.

The call to serve
06-Jun-2017 | El Salvador

Two children have the desire to serve God just like their father, the pastor of a church in their small village.

Move on, move out
06-Jun-2017 | Ireland

A word of encouragement about being mobilised from a native who stayed in-country, yet encourages all to "go into all the world."

Actions speak louder
06-Jun-2017 | Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica :: Hearing-impaired students experience the personal care of Logos Hope crewmembers during an onboard event designed with their needs in mind.

God's word never returns empty
06-Jun-2017 | South Asia

A man finds a discarded Bible from an earlier OM distribution trip and believes.

Short-termers bring new life to churches in Ukraine
06-Jun-2017 | Ukraine

Short Term Mission participants bring inspiration to Ukraine's churches for ministry amongst the aged and internally displaced people.

Bringing peace and hope to prison
01-Jun-2017 | International

Through weekly visits to a women’s prison, one OMer offers hope and peace.

Fill and spill: Creating vibrant communities
01-Jun-2017 | Arabian Peninsula

An OM team in the Arabian Peninsula focuses first on building community and discovers extraordinary results.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Jamaica :: Montego Bay, Jamaica : Attendees of OM Ship’s Presidential Briefing wave to  crewmembers with flags before walking up the conference gangway.
El Salvador :: Jazmin Carrillo, (El Salvador) speaking in a women’s event onboard the Logos Hope.
Germany :: The Xenos team in Germany meets and prays before there weekly coffee social.  Photo by Garrett N
Jamaica :: Montego Bay, Jamaica : Attendees of an HIV and AIDS workshop play a game to break the ice at Hope Hospice in Montego Bay.
Jamaica :: Montego Bay, Jamaica : Yasmin Henry (Australia) shares the gospel using pictures from the One Wish bracelet during an evening meeting of Baptist churches.
Colombia :: Merlin Rico, a woman in the community El Milagro, Bolívar, Colombia celebrates a cement foundation for her home instead of sand. The ministry Casa del Alfarero also known as the Potter´s House was able to provide a floor.
Colombia :: Lourdes Arnedo, director of the Ministry Casa del Alfarero (The Potter´s House) teaches sandal making to ladies in this community to give these single mothers a way to provide for their families.
Colombia :: The Potter’s House ministry has been evangelising and helping this community which is called Miracle, formerly known as Little Dead Dog.

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