The Father heart of God
11-Jul-2017 | South Africa

A kids' camp brings healing and forgiveness in the township of Mamelodi.

Modern "Acts"
11-Jul-2017 | Turkey

A family in Turkey is impacted by the gospel through contacts with the Bible Correspondence Course.

Always a full house
07-Jul-2017 | Brazil

Vitor and Ivanir Christovam step into new roles for Latin America in people care after learning how to care for workers on the field in...

Winning with a word
07-Jul-2017 | Africa

A new term of English classes begins in central North Africa.

Removing the language barrier
07-Jul-2017 | Paraguay

By offering English classes to missions-minded Paraguayans, the OM team seeks to eliminate one barrier preventing people from going overseas.

The reason to stay
06-Jul-2017 | Austria

Jana’s decision to remain in her home country Georgia catches people’s attention, causing many to watch closely how she lives and what she lives for.

God instead of a gun
27-Jun-2017 | Ecuador

A story of God's grace and the life changing transformation of Juan and his family in Santay Island, Ecuador.

Living lives dedicated to God
27-Jun-2017 | Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Crewmembers share the gospel and encourage young people to live for God during a tent meeting of area Baptist churches.

'Get out of my brothel!'
27-Jun-2017 | Central Asia

God is allowing OMers to slowly build relationships with the owners of a brothel in Central Asia.

Broken hearts' melody
27-Jun-2017 | Kosovo

Three children from the House of Joy project in Kosovo fall in love with music arts during an Arts Therapy session.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Turkey :: The famous Byzantine basilica turned mosque turned museum, the Hagia Sophia sits in the heart of Istanbul. In the morning hours a man prepares his cart to sell warm simit, a bread covered in sesame seeds.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Children dance with crewmembers during an orphanage visit event on board.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Naomi Jeyasingham (Denmark) colours pictures with visitors during an orphanage vistit event on board.
Portugal :: Are we ready to surf the waves? Transform Surf outreach in Portugal.
Portugal :: The Transform team in Portugal went to a nearby park to host an impromptu fair for neighbourhood children.
Portugal :: Donning the surf gear, Transform Surf team in Portugal, Summer 2017.
Portugal :: Ready to surf the waves! Transform Surf outreach in Portugal.
Portugal :: Skateboarding is fun and a way to meet others - Transform team member in Portugal.

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