Daily bread in Iraq
04-Jan-2016 | Near East

Young Iraqi women earn wages baking thousands of loaves of bread at two bakeries built by a local church inside the camps where they live.

God was chasing me
04-Jan-2016 | Central Asia

A girl from Central Asia shares her testimony about how she became a believer after seven years of hearing about Jesus.

Enjoying the unexpected
23-Dec-2015 | Mauritius

Port Louis, Mauritius :: A Logos Hope team deals with a surprise while ministering at a local church.

Flexibility is key in supporting refugees
21-Dec-2015 | International

Flexibility has been key for OM's Safe Passage project, which focuses on meeting refugees at their initial entry points.

The challenge of Iran
16-Dec-2015 | Iran

Dreams and visions, the Word of God, house churches, the Internet and satellite TV are ways the Iranian people are coming to faith.

Destinies fulfilled in Christ
15-Dec-2015 | Bangladesh

Thirteen years ago, two families wondered how God would use them to reach a town with no believers. Now, local small groups study God’s Word.

Quick start
15-Dec-2015 | Near East

A women’s team sees dramatic response within four months of starting a new ministry in the Middle East.

Acceleration in Turkey
14-Dec-2015 | Turkey

Ministries in Turkey experience acceleration through wide sowing, building projects, and church planting.

Business beyond borders
11-Dec-2015 | Near East

An OM worker applies business lessons to an increasingly international context.

A woman’s worth
11-Dec-2015 | Arabian Peninsula

Workers on two continents team up to share God’s love with an Arab woman struggling to conceive, telling her she is valuable to God.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Hungary :: Hungarian children learned and performed Disney’s “Aladdin Kids” in English during a week of the drama camp outreach led by OMers.
Hungary :: OMer Rebecca Lingenhoel helps a Hungarian student adjust his costume during a drama camp outreach.
New Zealand :: A hiker looks out over a scenic view from an island off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand :: Two kayakers paddle between rock formations off the coast of New Zealand.
Vietnam :: The OM team in Vietnam uses sports as an open door to minister to those who don’t know Jesus.
Dominican Republic :: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic : Janice Low (Singapore) and William Ngoo (Singapore) tell a story to a child using a kids Bible during a visit to China Town.
Dominican Republic :: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic : New crewmembers pass through a flag tunnel during a welcome ceremony.
Near East :: OM teams find creative forms of transportation to trek to remote areas to share the message of Jesus.  Photo by Justin Lovett

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