Developing 'Tabithas'
19-Nov-2015 | Zambia

OM Zambia develops women through skills training in sewing, cooking, embroidery and more to bring change to communities.

God’s game plan
13-Nov-2015 | Moldova

In OM Moldova’s efforts to reach boys through football, they unexpectedly witness God soften the heart of one coach, who at first rejected their message.

Just one ball
10-Nov-2015 | Zambia

It's more than just a sport. OM is using football at Lake Tanganyika to train and empower young boys.

Art as advocacy in missions
05-Nov-2015 | Near East

OM Middle East North Africa hosts an internship programme for writers, designers, photographers and film makers who desire to use art as advocacy in missions.

The precious stone
04-Nov-2015 | Ships

Former Logos Hope port volunteer Swens Wong discovers God’s creativity in his cake-baking business and uses his creations, and story, to bring God glory.

Light in the dark on Lesbos
03-Nov-2015 | Greece

OM partners with a Greek aid organisation to run the only Christian camp on Lesbos, offering help in Jesus' name.

‘Open up, ancient doors’
02-Nov-2015 | Near East

One team in the Near East perseveres in an area with no known believers, praying that God will open doors to hearts and lives.

Freedom from bondage
02-Nov-2015 | Malawi

A Bible study for the guardians of the pupils in Chiyembekezo School in Ntaja, Malawi, is bringing freedom to the women who attend.

Fluent in ministry and rest
29-Oct-2015 | Near East

OM Near East invites local partners to a weekend training in Arabic, offering refreshment and seminars about reproducible church-planting strategies.

Filling the gap
29-Oct-2015 | Serbia

A team at the Serbian/Croatian border provides relief to migrating refugees. OM Germany leader Gian Walser talks about the work and its impact on him.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Hungary :: Hungarian children learned and performed Disney’s “Aladdin Kids” in English during a week of the drama camp outreach led by OMers.
Hungary :: OMer Rebecca Lingenhoel helps a Hungarian student adjust his costume during a drama camp outreach.
New Zealand :: A hiker looks out over a scenic view from an island off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand :: Two kayakers paddle between rock formations off the coast of New Zealand.
Vietnam :: The OM team in Vietnam uses sports as an open door to minister to those who don’t know Jesus.
Dominican Republic :: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic : Janice Low (Singapore) and William Ngoo (Singapore) tell a story to a child using a kids Bible during a visit to China Town.
Dominican Republic :: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic : New crewmembers pass through a flag tunnel during a welcome ceremony.
Near East :: OM teams find creative forms of transportation to trek to remote areas to share the message of Jesus.  Photo by Justin Lovett

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