God's word never returns empty
06-Jun-2017 | South Asia

A man finds a discarded Bible from an earlier OM distribution trip and believes.

Short-termers bring new life to churches in Ukraine
06-Jun-2017 | Ukraine

Short Term Mission participants bring inspiration to Ukraine's churches for ministry amongst the aged and internally displaced people.

Bringing peace and hope to prison
01-Jun-2017 | International

Through weekly visits to a women’s prison, one OMer offers hope and peace.

Fill and spill: Creating vibrant communities
01-Jun-2017 | Arabian Peninsula

An OM team in the Arabian Peninsula focuses first on building community and discovers extraordinary results.

Praying in the city
01-Jun-2017 | North Africa

Prayer walking in a North African city brings some encouraging insights for a long term worker and her daughter

Short-term trips lead to long-term passion
31-May-2017 | Costa Rica

Olger Morales shares his testimony of how he came to work in OM full-time after participating in numerous short-term outreaches.

From meaningless to meaningful
31-May-2017 | El Salvador

One couple's lives are changed when OM El Salvador visits their community to do medical examinations and share the good news.

"The hairs on my arms are standing up!"
31-May-2017 | Israel

A Muslim man believes Jesus is the Son of God.

From homeless to hopeful
31-May-2017 | Central Asia

Anna, a homeless woman, found the source of life through the love and care of an OM team in Central Asia.

Connecting with God in prayer
31-May-2017 | South Africa

During an outreach to Lesotho an MDT team meets an older man during door-to-door ministry and invites him to their daily prayer meeting.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Germany :: On Monday afternoon, Offenburg’s market square in Germany turned into an art fair as the TeenStreet (TS) Outreach Team arranged ArtDay to show God’s love for His world.
Germany :: Throughout the week of TeenStreet, the teens have been learning from Romans 8 how nothing can separate them from the love of God. When camping, a tent feels like a safe place. Even if there is chaos all around, the tent offers protection and rest. Josh Walker explained that in the same way “our Father is a refuge and a hiding place even in difficult situations.”
Germany :: While some youth leaders plan TeenStreet (TS) into the annual church calendar and bring scores of teens with them, other country leaders or home office reps gather individual Christian teens from far-flung corners of their respective nations. For many of these teens, TS is the only place they encounter lots of Jesus followers of their own age.
Turkey :: The famous Byzantine basilica turned mosque turned museum, the Hagia Sophia sits in the heart of Istanbul. In the morning hours a man prepares his cart to sell warm simit, a bread covered in sesame seeds.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Logos Hope at her berth.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Logos Hope at her berth.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Children dance with crewmembers during an orphanage visit event on board.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Naomi Jeyasingham (Denmark) colours pictures with visitors during an orphanage vistit event on board.

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