A gift from God
30-May-2017 | Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica :: Volunteers bless elderly residents with new reading glasses while visiting care homes on the island.

A Child's answered prayer
25-May-2017 | Ecuador

Jean Pierre's prayer was answered during a Christmas celebration with OM in La Estancia/Simón Bolívar which was impacted by the 2016 earthquake.

Lifting burdens on the hopeless road
25-May-2017 | Ghana

OM Ghana provides training and discipleship to mistreated Muslim girls.

Trained to change
25-May-2017 | South Asia

A young man is transformed and now trained in sustainable farming ready to change his least-reached community.

Bursting with life
25-May-2017 | Zambia

God's vision is unfolding in Mkushi, Zambia as he makes his plans clear to a worker named Mary and blesses the work of the team.

Planting seeds of encouragement
23-May-2017 | Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope crewmembers visit youth with disabilities and children living with HIV or AIDS at a care centre in Spanish Town.

86,400 seconds in a day
19-May-2017 | Aruba

Oranjestad, Aruba :: A visit from Logos Hope crewmembers to an OANSA kids’ club sparks excitement as the children anticipate their visit to the vessel.

Strategic Worship Outings create chance for connection
18-May-2017 | Israel

An incorrect GPS coordinate leads a worship team to the end of the road, yet God has another route planned.

Trickle-down witness
17-May-2017 | Bangladesh

OM worker Andrew is encouraged to see the vibrancy of Jesus followers in Bangladeshi villages as one changed life impacts others.

Mobilising 50 million
17-May-2017 | Brazil

With millions of evangelicals with easy-going personalities, Brazil could become a game changer for the gospel.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Germany :: On Monday afternoon, Offenburg’s market square in Germany turned into an art fair as the TeenStreet (TS) Outreach Team arranged ArtDay to show God’s love for His world.
Germany :: Throughout the week of TeenStreet, the teens have been learning from Romans 8 how nothing can separate them from the love of God. When camping, a tent feels like a safe place. Even if there is chaos all around, the tent offers protection and rest. Josh Walker explained that in the same way “our Father is a refuge and a hiding place even in difficult situations.”
Germany :: While some youth leaders plan TeenStreet (TS) into the annual church calendar and bring scores of teens with them, other country leaders or home office reps gather individual Christian teens from far-flung corners of their respective nations. For many of these teens, TS is the only place they encounter lots of Jesus followers of their own age.
Turkey :: The famous Byzantine basilica turned mosque turned museum, the Hagia Sophia sits in the heart of Istanbul. In the morning hours a man prepares his cart to sell warm simit, a bread covered in sesame seeds.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Logos Hope at her berth.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Logos Hope at her berth.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Children dance with crewmembers during an orphanage visit event on board.
Haiti :: Port-au-Prince, Haiti : Naomi Jeyasingham (Denmark) colours pictures with visitors during an orphanage vistit event on board.

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