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Training shepherds
15-Aug-2017 | Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti :: More than 300 church workers from the capital and its surroundings get together for a conference on board Logos Hope.

In equal need of forgiveness
08-Aug-2017 | Bahamas

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Volunteers use a drama and illustrations to teach children at a police summer camp about God's desire for a personal relationship.

A glimpse of heaven
03-Aug-2017 | Bahamas

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Logos Hope makes her inaugural visit to Freeport, following up on sister ship Logos II's time in the port in 2008.

The next ship project
02-Aug-2017 | Faroe Is.

The vessel that became Logos Hope was purchased in the Faroe Islands. OM’s Ship Ministry has a special place in the hearts of Jesus followers...

By God’s design
26-Jul-2017 | Bahamas

Nassau, The Bahamas :: A Filipino volunteer joins a team of Chinese-speaking crewmembers to visit local Chinese-owned shops and is surprised to connect with four...

The family business
18-Jul-2017 | Ships

Nassau, Bahamas :: The Esposito family from Argentina enjoys serving God together on board Logos Hope, bringing professional skills and supporting each other.

Bringing the truth to light
30-Jun-2017 | Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Logos Hope crewmembers provide training on Christian response to HIV and AIDs for staff members at the care home Hope Hospice.

Living lives dedicated to God
27-Jun-2017 | Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Crewmembers share the gospel and encourage young people to live for God during a tent meeting of area Baptist churches.

Doulos: a platform for peace in Papua New Guinea
27-Jun-2017 | Ships

In 1999, national bitterness and divisions were set aside on board Doulos, which facilitated an historic reconciliation after conflict in the Pacific islands.

Created to stand out
20-Jun-2017 | Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: American gospel singer and songwriter Babbie Mason leads worship and shares a Bible-centred message during a ladies’ event on board.

Actions speak louder
06-Jun-2017 | Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica :: Hearing-impaired students experience the personal care of Logos Hope crewmembers during an onboard event designed with their needs in mind.

A gift from God
30-May-2017 | Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica :: Volunteers bless elderly residents with new reading glasses while visiting care homes on the island.

Planting seeds of encouragement
23-May-2017 | Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope crewmembers visit youth with disabilities and children living with HIV or AIDS at a care centre in Spanish Town.

86,400 seconds in a day
19-May-2017 | Aruba

Oranjestad, Aruba :: A visit from Logos Hope crewmembers to an OANSA kids’ club sparks excitement as the children anticipate their visit to the vessel.

The return of 'the book ship'
16-May-2017 | Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica :: Excitement is palpable among crewmembers and visitors alike as ‘the book ship’ reopens on the island of Jamaica.

New CEO for OM Ships
01-May-2017 | Ships

Mosbach, Germany :: OM Ships announces the appointment of Seelan Govender as Chief Executive Officer.

Passover and following God's plan
18-Apr-2017 | Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao :: The Israelites' exodus from Egypt is brought to life in a play written especially for children at an after-school club.

Old ink on skin, new life within
11-Apr-2017 | Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao :: A young man realises the deeper truth of the words in his tattoos.

Seeing miracles at Siloam
04-Apr-2017 | Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao :: A girl with a weak heart gets stronger and puts her faith in Christ at the Siloam centre for sick children.

When the memories fade
28-Mar-2017 | Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao :: Dementia sufferers receive daily visits from a team of ladies from Logos Hope, brightening up their surroundings and lifting their spirits.

About OM Ships

OM ships travel the world supplying literature, helping people in need, motivating Christians, training young people and sharing the Good News of God’s love. These are just a few of the many stories of lives that have been touched through the ministry of OM’s ships.


Philippines :: GEM 2017 participants helping one another during a teambuilding activity at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.
South Africa :: Door to Door ministry in the village called Welgeval in Rustenburg, South Africa. A women opened her house and gave me water to drink.
Malawi :: A student at Chiyembekezo school in Ntaja shows off the goat he received from OM Malawi
Malawi :: A Yao student at Chiyembekezo school in Ntaja shows off the goat he received from OM Malawi.
Malawi :: A Yao student at Chiyembekezo school in Ntaja shows off the goat she received from OM Malawi
Spain :: Heikki drove all the way from Finland to Transform in Spain on his motorbike.
Malawi :: Kondwani will be the acting DJ for Radio Lilanguka in Malawi
Malawi :: DJ Kondwani will headline the Radio Lilanguka programme

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