Op-ed articles written by OM leaders on various global mission/Christian issues or topics

Wisdom Road: Making decisions in company with God
28-Nov-2016 | International

Viv Thomas proposes that decision-making comes out of healthy vs. unhealthy frameworks, and names four of those frameworks.

The Value and cost of change
25-Oct-2016 | International

"...the changes ahead will enable us to better live out our collective passion..." writes David Greenlee.

Building trust in teams
30-Sep-2016 | International

Tami Zacharias, with OM in Canada, explores why building trust in teams is worth the cost, although it takes so much work.

Where many can win together
01-Sep-2016 | International

"How we see and interpret events largely depends on who we are and in what context we sit," says Harvey Thiessen.

Redemptive Leadership
30-Jun-2016 | International

I'ching Chan-Thomas shares what it means to be an effective Christ-follower and leader through "Redemptive Leadership."

The nomads of our world
09-Jun-2016 | International

Stephan Bauer discusses what it means to establish "vibrant local communities of Jesus followers" among nomadic people groups.

Thousands of vibrant local communities
11-May-2016 | International

Julyan Lidstone stresses the importance of modelling the Gospel through communities of love and grace.

From doodle to Google as solar power brings light to Africa
05-May-2016 | International

Zimbabwean Simon Marijani shares how solar power could be the tool that will help to reach “the back of beyond” with the good news.

One movement, one foundation, one mission
13-Apr-2016 | International

"We now do mission before the eyes of the entire world, and so it must be done wisely and articulated well," says Jason Mandryk.

Our Responsibility to One Another
16-Mar-2016 | International

Moray Henderson challenges believers that, "the Kingdom of God is not about individualism but community."

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