Op-ed articles written by OM leaders on various global mission/Christian issues or topics

The problem with pity
18-Dec-2014 | International

Justin Hui explains that while giving is something we could always do more of, our attitude towards giving is often more important than the gift.

Will you make room?
01-Dec-2014 | International

Viv Thomas shares how the hospitality of a woman and her church changed his life and asks us to consider this simple act of love.

The way I see it  - When it means what it says
14-Nov-2014 | Canada

It matters not if we are from 200 countries; we are one in Christ and shall be for eternity. OMNI-team member Greg Kernaghan about ‘globalisation’.

Mission (yes!) Vision (yes!) Structure (do we need it?)
30-Oct-2014 | International

OM grew from one person to 3500 people. It's time for an upgrade, states Steffen Zoege, Chief Operating Officer for OM International.

Sacrifice that isn’t strategic
12-Sep-2014 | International

OM International Chief Financial Officer Jim Grubb says ministry, like housework, is never finished, but it’s no excuse to work until we collapse.

Modelling integral mission
27-Aug-2014 | International

Mission is not just evangelism, says OM Philippines Field Leader Sally Ababa, but understanding the physical, spiritual, economic, psychological and social needs of people.

Learning from others’ temptations
20-Aug-2014 | International

OM Africa leader Francois Vosloo reflects on how Jesus’ disciples let Him down before the crucifixion and challenges us to be faithful to the end.

Where are the crazy people when you need them?
16-Jul-2014 | International

Greg Kernaghan suggests we create more space for those out-of-the-box, “crazy” thinkers in our midst, who resemble our organisation’s forerunners.

The way I see it: Transforming lives 
07-Jul-2014 | International

“Let’s take time and reflect on how we are transforming the lives of those God has entrusted into our hands,” says OM leader Roberto Facanha.

Doing it ‘right’ or…?
06-Jun-2014 | International

In the complexities of life in missions, Jan den Ouden realises nothing is “cut and dried” and talks about the importance of relationships in decision making.

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