Op-ed articles written by OM leaders on various global mission/Christian issues or topics

Six waves moving through the Church
07-Apr-2014 | International

OM Associate Director Viv Thomas discusses the current tidal flows and undertows sweeping over and through much of the Western Church.

The abuse of authority
03-Apr-2014 | International

Abusive leadership stifles joy, kills creativity and blocks growth in any fellowship. Mission leader Julyan Lidstone discusses how to follow Jesus as servant leaders.

Science and faith: Galileo
06-Mar-2014 | International

Popular science highlights instances of conflict with faith while forgetting that many of science’s greatest heroes, including Galileo, were men of faith.

The way I see it: Church planting - Should OM be involved?
03-Mar-2014 | International

Europe leader Frank Hinkelmann sets forth the importance of and biblical foundation for planting churches.

The fine print of the Gospel
10-Feb-2014 | International

While the lack of justice explains much of the suffering in the world, it doesn’t change believers’ obligations to flesh out God’s moral justice, says Greg Kernaghan.

Saving the Gadget Generation
12-Oct-2013 | International

Everything we do shapes who we are: as every new technology changes how we do things, it changes us—and through us, society. Perhaps we should question this young technology a bit, before we find it has taken us places we do not want to go.

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