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A divine appointment
23-Oct-2014 | Moldova, Republic of

Visiting an elderly home, a ‘Love Moldova’ outreach team experiences how God touches lives and has arranged even the staff’s working hours.

Changed life through OM's training centre
21-Oct-2014 | Myanmar

A young man's life has radically changed since he joined OM Myanmar's Community Development and Leadership Training Centre a month ago.

Henna opens doors
20-Oct-2014 | South Africa

OM team members Tami and Alu share how henna opens doors to the hearts of the Somali people, living in Cape Town.

BBQ in Ward End
17-Oct-2014 | United Kingdom

When an OM Lifehope team, partnering with On the Move International, held their annual community barbeque, they did something a little different.

The God of all comfort
15-Oct-2014 | Turkey

A Muslim woman relates to the story of the Good Samaritan and receives comfort from God.

Back where it all started
14-Oct-2014 | Mexico

At a recent missions event, OM Founder George Verwer was welcomed with open arms in the country where OM’s ministry started: Mexico.

More than coffee and sweets
10-Oct-2014 | Australia

MAP Australia hosts Bound for Paradise, a week-long outreach to Muslims from the Persian Gulf in Queensland, Australia, from 25-29 August.

Sweet Salvadorian culture
08-Oct-2014 | El Salvador

With the vision to promote healthy lives, OM educates people in topics like diabetes to reduce its incidence among members of the community.

In word and deed
08-Oct-2014 | Papua New Guinea

Twelve Papua New Guineans gather for OM Papua New Guinea’s annual short-term mission programme LAUNCH OUT from 11-27 September.

Seeds planted amongst kids
25-Sep-2014 | Italy

OM Italy impacts 150 children during their annual summer camp in Torre Pellice.

Rebuilding lives in a new city
25-Sep-2014 | Russian Federation

OM Russia partners with local churches to respond to the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

Changing the fortunes of the Bayash 
22-Sep-2014 | Austria

OM EAST helps bring God’s truth to a people who believe they are cursed.

Challenged to think differently
16-Sep-2014 | Philippines

Six young people joined STEP OUT 2014 and an outreach in the Philippines to challenge their comfort zones, and they were not disappointed.

OM Malaysia celebrates 30 years of ministry
09-Sep-2014 | Malaysia

On 9 August 2014, OM Malaysia held an open house to celebrate 30 years of ministry, with OM International Director Lawrence Tong as the guest...

Climbing for freedom in New Zealand
08-Sep-2014 | New Zealand

About 110 men, women and children climbed five volcanoes in Auckland in the Freedom Climb New Zealand on Saturday, 16 August.

Stirrings under the veil
04-Sep-2014 | Austria

One week before Ramadan, 17 participants share God’s love with hundreds of Arab tourists in Zell am See, Austria.

Hope in every circumstance
03-Sep-2014 | South Africa

When an MDT participant’s family member commits suicide, she becomes puzzled and angry. But with encouragement from others, she recognises God’s compassion.

Stepping out with courage at STEP OUT 2014
02-Sep-2014 | Taiwan

In July, about 100 people from 13 countries gathered for OM Taiwan’s STEP OUT 2014 conference, followed by outreaches to six countries in East Asia.

Young Professionals Prayer and Mission
27-Aug-2014 | Thailand

OM Thailand launched a new ministry targeting young professionals in Thailand last year and is encouraged by the impact so far.

A work in progress
19-Aug-2014 | Austria

OM EAST develop new booklet for red light ministries.

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Near East :: Jordanian man dresses in traditional clothing for a special event.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Training, mentoring, discipleship, we seek to always learn and grow in the Near East Field.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Typical produce market buzzes with activity in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Produce markets provide fresh ingredients in the Near East.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: These men wear traditional Bedouin headscarves in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Men chatting during a street performance in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Bedouin man dresses as a traditional warrior among the ruins in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Thailand :: OM Thailand’s church-plant Piam Rak Family Church continues to grow in numbers and maturity. Started by young professionals, it is a self-sustaining community of believers today.

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