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Truth and authority
15-Apr-2014 | Germany

Two Pakistani men understand the meaning of Jesus' ascension through reading the Bible with an OM Germany's Xenos team member.

Church planting through friendship
15-Apr-2014 | Turkey

A local church, with the help of an OM outreach team, invites Turks to engage and see the church as a welcoming community.

Weekend getaway restores hope
07-Apr-2014 | Philippines

Over 50 pastors and family members from Tacloban enjoy a weekend getaway organised by OM Philippines from 7-9 March.

Into the last frontier
28-Mar-2014 | Philippines

From 8-26 April, OM Philippines will host their annual short-term missions conference GO EXTRA MILE in Palawan for the first time ever.

Literacy programme empowers
27-Mar-2014 | Nepal

OM Nepal's Village Partnership Teams teach people how to read and equip local believers with tools to share their faith.

Special first steps
25-Mar-2014 | Albania

German missionary couple ministers to handicapped children in Albania.

Bayash studying the Bible
25-Mar-2014 | Austria

OM EAST is helping meet the need for Bible study booklets to help Bayash Christians grow in their faith.

No shoes, no school!
25-Mar-2014 | Montenegro

Every other week the OM team in Bar visits a Roma community to teach the children to read and write.

Fire in cemetery leaves 7,000 homeless
21-Mar-2014 | Philippines

Seven thousand were reported homeless after fire destroyed homes in Lorega cemetery, Cebu City, on 18 March. OM helps provide basic relief.

Celebrating 30 years
11-Mar-2014 | Malaysia

This year, on 9 August, OM Malaysia celebrates 30 years of ministry with former OMers and friends of OM from all generations.

Baby safe opens
05-Mar-2014 | South Africa

Opening a ‘baby safe’ in a township near Pretoria, South Africa, helps desperate mothers find a solution and give their babies a future.

Perline of great price
27-Feb-2014 | Madagascar

Since joining OM’s Namana Project, one couple has developed a successful business, built their own home and can give their children an education.

Life will never be the same
21-Feb-2014 | Bangladesh

As families devastated by the recent fire in a Bangladesh slum rebuild their lives, the team helps, and individuals tell their stories.

Free from guilt
20-Feb-2014 | Japan

A Japanese girl once weighed down by the guilt of sin accepts Jesus’ complete forgiveness and is baptised. She now exudes “radiant joy”.

Fire wrecks lives in Bangladesh
14-Feb-2014 | Bangladesh

After a fire devastates a Bangladesh slum, the OM team distributes food, cooking items, plastic tarps and hope to hurting families.

Incarnate School of Art and Mission 2014 begins
13-Feb-2014 | Italy

For the second time, OM Italy hosts the Incarnate School of Art and Mission in Bobbio Pellice.

Called to be a soccer minister
12-Feb-2014 | Indonesia

God changed one young Indonesian man’s life, who now dreams about using soccer to tell people around the world about Jesus.

Journey towards recovery
07-Feb-2014 | Philippines

OM Philippines-Cebu conducts critical incident stress debriefing training with partner organisations and churches in Cebu City, Northern Cebu and Bohol Island.

Good reputation in sports opens doors
06-Feb-2014 | Myanmar

As a result of relationships established through OM Myanmar's football club, the team was asked to provide announcers for the South East Asia Games.

A breath of fresh air
27-Jan-2014 | Israel

A weekend camp provides young believers a chance to relax and rededicate themselves to the Lord.

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Colombia :: Sandals, made by female prisoner from Colombia, during OM’s craft workshop.
Chile :: Just two weeks after an 8.2 earthquake rocked the north of Chile, the port city of Valparaiso, 110km west of Santiago, has been ravaged by a fire that began Saturday night, leaving 12 dead, destroying more than 500 homes and 10,000 people have evacuated. OM Chile is mobilising to help, receiving goods from the community, buying food and needed supplies, and sending a team tomorrow to Valparaiso. Pray for the residents of the city and the relief effort.
Philippines :: Beached ship and emergency shelters in typhoon-devastated area of Tacloban, Philippines, after November 2013.
Philippines :: Children on Kinatarkan Island, north of Cebu, that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in November 2013.
Philippines :: A poor community opposite a church in the typhoon-devastated area of Tacloban, Philippines. OM is working with this church and pastor to bring relief.
Philippines :: Replacement housing built after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)on Kinatarkan Island, north of Cebu, that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Built by a partnership of Conscience International and a Cebu church, encouraged by OM Philippines.
Philippines :: Jerry  “Sambo” Yaokasin, Christian and Vice Mayor of Tacloban, Philippines, that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in November 2013.
Taiwan :: OM Taiwan’s Easter Outreach Team creatively uses Dr. Bunny to tell the story of Jesus during a church service in Tongluo, Taiwan.

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