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Seeds planted amongst kids
25-Sep-2014 | Italy

OM Italy impacts 150 children during their annual summer camp in Torre Pellice.

Rebuilding lives in a new city
25-Sep-2014 | Russian Federation

OM Russia partners with local churches to respond to the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

Changing the fortunes of the Bayash 
22-Sep-2014 | Austria

OM EAST helps bring God’s truth to a people who believe they are cursed.

Challenged to think differently
16-Sep-2014 | Philippines

Six young people joined STEP OUT 2014 and an outreach in the Philippines to challenge their comfort zones, and they were not disappointed.

OM Malaysia celebrates 30 years of ministry
09-Sep-2014 | Malaysia

On 9 August 2014, OM Malaysia held an open house to celebrate 30 years of ministry, with OM International Director Lawrence Tong as the guest...

Climbing for freedom in New Zealand
08-Sep-2014 | New Zealand

About 110 men, women and children climbed five volcanoes in Auckland in the Freedom Climb New Zealand on Saturday, 16 August.

Stirrings under the veil
04-Sep-2014 | Austria

One week before Ramadan, 17 participants share God’s love with hundreds of Arab tourists in Zell am See, Austria.

Hope in every circumstance
03-Sep-2014 | South Africa

When an MDT participant’s family member commits suicide, she becomes puzzled and angry. But with encouragement from others, she recognises God’s compassion.

Stepping out with courage at STEP OUT 2014
02-Sep-2014 | Taiwan

In July, about 100 people from 13 countries gathered for OM Taiwan’s STEP OUT 2014 conference, followed by outreaches to six countries in East Asia.

Young Professionals Prayer and Mission
27-Aug-2014 | Thailand

OM Thailand launched a new ministry targeting young professionals in Thailand last year and is encouraged by the impact so far.

A work in progress
19-Aug-2014 | Austria

OM EAST develop new booklet for red light ministries.

Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear
15-Aug-2014 | International

Teens explore God’s heart for them and the churches in Revelation 1-3 through big group teachings, seminars, small groups and more at TeenStreet Europe 2014.

Finding her fit
15-Aug-2014 | Laos, PDR

Dutch ACTer Anika* has found her fit in God's work in Southeast Asia.

Expanding horizons in Costa Rica
14-Aug-2014 | Costa Rica

OM Costa Rica is excited to celebrate a growing ministry. This year the team opened a second OM location in Perez Zeledon, an office responsible...

Grace versus good works
12-Aug-2014 | Turkey

Mary* and Joy* share their faith, but their Muslim friends remain adamant that only through good works, can they earn favour with God.

Fun run to raise funds
11-Aug-2014 | Zimbabwe

An outreach team to Siabuwa in rural Zimbabwe, joins hands with the local community in a fun run aimed at helping the local community raise...

Connecting at TeenStreet Australia
07-Aug-2014 | Australia

Teens in Europe are gathered this week to connect with Jesus and each other. A month ago, teenagers in Australia had this experience.

Fruits from English classes
06-Aug-2014 | Chile

Teaching English by acting out Christian songs. Great fun, and surprisingly meaningful for Gabiel, a homeless man in Chile.

From youth centre to café
30-Jul-2014 | Macedonia

OM in Kratovo, Macedonia, transforms a church youth centre for International Women's Day to share God’s love through an evening for local ladies.

One wish
30-Jul-2014 | United Kingdom

“If you could have one wish from God today, what would you wish for?” Evangelism coach, Richard Sharp, taught his outreach method called ‘One Wish’.

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Philippines :: Filipino boys living in a poor area affected by Typhoon Haiyan.
Philippines :: Little girl plays and laughs in a disaster struck area of the Philippines.
Philippines :: Granny and child on their porch in an impoverished neighbourhood.
Philippines :: Filipino buses, known as Jeepneys are brightly coloured.
Philippines :: Children play with a cart in one of the most affected ares of the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.
Moldova, Republic of :: Children having fun as they play games with a parachute during a Day Camp organised by a ‘Love Moldova’ outreach team in the summer of 2014. Throughout the summer about 200 participants from all over the world formed small teams and went into Moldovan villages to reach out to children, adults and elderly with the gospel and love of God.
Near East :: Actors present a story from the Bible during the Transform summer outreach 2014.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: A glimpse of backstage during the TACO team’s Transform summer outreach 2014.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah

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