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Open doors
22-Jul-2014 | United Kingdom

Members of Christ Church in Lye and OM’s local team visit neighbourhoods to invite residents to church, hand out tracts or hear prayer requests.

Channels of Hope in Malaysia and Myanmar
21-Jul-2014 | Malaysia

In an effort to respond to the growing need, OM partner organisation AIDSLink International conducts Channels of Hope training in Malaysia and Myanmar.

Standing on the Father's Rock
17-Jul-2014 | Namibia

Young men from African nations find their identity and destiny through hiking in Namibia with the Wilderness Therapy Programme.

The Gospel comes to life
16-Jul-2014 | Israel

Two OM workers introduce friends to the story of redemption through a trip to Jerusalem.

Here we go again!
11-Jul-2014 | Italy

Cyclist Michel Di Felciantonio writes an open letter to supporters of Ride2Transform, a tour through Italy to raise awareness for OM projects.

Word-of-mouth and prayer
10-Jul-2014 | Japan

A couple launches a monthly class for children and their parents despite low numbers. Through prayer and free advertising, more begin to come.

Operation Safe multiplied
07-Jul-2014 | Philippines

OM Philippines hosts camps for children affected by recent trauma that facilitate emotional restoration through dance, songs, crafts, Bible stories and more.

Prayer and the Word of God changes lives
03-Jul-2014 | Australia

OM worker is amazed to see God change lives, as he peers over his book table on a busy Muslim street in Australia.

God’s dream for the nations at OCZ Asia 2014
03-Jul-2014 | Malaysia

In June, 162 people from 28 countries participate in Out of the Comfort Zone Asia 2014, followed by outreaches to 12 countries.

Understanding needs in the UK
03-Jul-2014 | United Kingdom

English Language Community Outreach students from OM Lifehope lend a hand to volunteers at the Black Country Food Bank near Birmingham, UK.

Discipleship and group formation
01-Jul-2014 | Near East

Through discipleship and group formation training, workers in the Near East are radically challenged to make disciples and see churches planted.

The gift of words and the Word
26-Jun-2014 | France

Several years ago OM France started teaching French to immigrants to meet a practical need, build relationships and share God’s love.

Training for Life
25-Jun-2014 | United Kingdom

People from 14 nations participate in OM Lifehopes’ Toolkit, an intensive training programme that equips workers for ministry, particularly in the UK.

Teaching values
23-Jun-2014 | Guatemala

OM Guatemala visits primary and secondary schools in the country to teach children values and bring them the good news.

Off the GRID
23-Jun-2014 | New Zealand

OM New Zealand’s new Off The GRID discipleship programme aims to inspire young adults to live for God and to serve others.

Challenged to take the walk
16-Jun-2014 | Philippines

OM Philippines completes their annual mission training and exposure programme in the tribal areas of Palawan, Philippines.

Rebuilding after devastating fire
13-Jun-2014 | Chile

OM Chile responds quickly to help local churches provide relief after a forest fire in Valparaíso kills 15 people and destroys 3,000 homes in April.

Speaking to the Arli heart
12-Jun-2014 | Austria

OM EAST’s publication captures the attention of the Arli in Serbia.

Bullied for asking questions
12-Jun-2014 | North Africa

Woman shares about her son who was bullied and forced to leave his country.

Aligning faith with practical love
06-Jun-2014 | Far East

Experienced trainers from South Africa spend a week facilitating various leadership training sessions to 600 mainly local leaders in China.

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Austria :: OM EAST: Developing the background of a new front cover
Austria :: OM EAST: bringing gifts of schoolbags and hope to disadvantaged children.
Macedonia :: Young people in Kratovo, Macedonia, enjoying the renovated church youth centre.
Macedonia :: Waldek and Wojtek, visiting from Poland, view the renovations they are making to the youth centre in Kratovo, Macedonia.
Macedonia :: Young people in Kratovo, Macedonia, enjoying the renovated church youth centre.
Near East :: Gardener takes a break during the work day.  Photos by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Local women knit with relatives in the Near East.  Photos by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Cook serves delicious Middle Eastern food to guests.  Photos by Garrett Nasrallah

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