Latin bridge to the least reached
20-Apr-2018 | Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico :: Workers from Central Asia share their stories and challenge event participants to think about their part in global missions.

News from the Near East
17-Apr-2018 | Near East

OM teams in the Near East Field share ministry updates from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

A very special visitor
11-Apr-2018 | Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico :: Logos Hope's bookfair receives its seven millionth visitor and celebrates the important milestone.

Let there be light
10-Apr-2018 | Malawi

A new radio station celebrates its grand opening in Malawi, reaching out across the airwaves.

A warm welcome for the message
30-Mar-2018 | Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico :: Logos Hope is welcomed to Mexico with fanfare and excitement as people get behind the endeavour of sharing knowledge, help...


Sewing into salvation
18-Apr-2018 | Albania

An OMer runs an evangelistic sewing course in Albania; empowering local women by training them to sew while sharing the gospel.

Explaining to a child
18-Apr-2018 | Greece

An OM Greece worker explains, while she is babysitting, how she helps ladies involved in human trafficking and the sex industry.

New friendships in the desert
16-Apr-2018 | Mexico

Missionaries share the gospel and bring freedom in a little farming village.

'Ba Coach'
16-Apr-2018 | Zambia

Kasama is known for sports and vulnerable kids; two subjects that OMer Noel is passionate about.

The joy and pain of church planting, Part 1 (2-part series)
11-Apr-2018 | North Africa

God uses a Latino-American couple to gather and train local believers, who form a small church in North Africa.


OM exists to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.


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OM Celebrates 60 Years

60 Years

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Changing the trajectory

"Today’s stark reality is that more than 2.8 billion people have not heard this message of hope and transformation—and 57,000 people are added to this...

Keeping our goals as the priority

"If we are serious about planting churches among the least reached as how we do mission, we must always be willing to question, reconsider and...

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