No coincidence: an answer to prayer
09-Mar-2018 | Guatemala

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala :: Logos Hope is welcomed by the mayor, who believes the ship brings what the city needs.

Intercessory prayer
07-Mar-2018 | Germany

One cabin on the Riverboat was specially set aside as a prayer room to encourage intercessory prayer at all times.

Worn-out bodies but new spiritual life
02-Mar-2018 | Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia :: Logos Hope's volunteers share the message of hope for the future with elderly residents at a nursing home.

Power in Togetherness
01-Mar-2018 | Germany

Riverboat community members took to the city centre for an afternoon and–to their surprise–met people who spoke their heart languages.

Seafarer to seafarer
27-Feb-2018 | Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia :: Logos Hope's crewmembers host sailors from the Colombian Navy and share their experiences in a partnership event.


Fearless integrity
15-Mar-2018 | Albania

An Albanian, who had been trained in OM's Business as Mission (BAM) course, stands out with his upright business standards.

Developing disciples
15-Mar-2018 | Cambodia

OM intentionally disciples Cambodian staff so that they, in turn, can disciple others.

Pieces of the puzzle
14-Mar-2018 | Belgium

A suitcase sermon illustration helped Fredi understand what God had in store for him through full-time ministry with OM.

English learning opens the door for community
14-Mar-2018 | Hungary

OMers work with a Hungarian church to invest in relationships through every season.

It finally made sense
14-Mar-2018 | Ireland

For Irish teens Nicole and Saoirse, interacting with their church’s Immersion student, Bree, led to an understanding of the gospel.


OM exists to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.


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