Colombian clowns
12-Jan-2018 | Colombia

Barranquilla, Colombia :: Logos Hope's volunteers speak the international language of mime as they learn how to clown around as a means of...

Ellos son como Tú!
09-Jan-2018 | Colombia

Barranquilla, Colombia :: Logos Hope's focus for her time in Latin America is to encourage Latinos to serve God around the world.

Thinking outside the box
29-Dec-2017 | Colombia

Santa Marta, Colombia :: Logos Hope's crew moves programmed events off the ship and on to shore.

Bienvenido a América latina!
22-Dec-2017 | Colombia

Santa Marta, Colombia :: Logos Hope is welcomed to a new region of the world, where the ship's community is adjusting to a...

Christmas comes early!
15-Dec-2017 | Grenada

Saint George's, Grenada :: A community library receives an early Christmas gift of 250 new books from Logos Hope.


‘I want to change my religion’
19-Jan-2018 | Finland

An Iranian refugee surprises a long-term worker by stating his desire to become a Christian.

Connecting: Finding churches for Turks in France
19-Jan-2018 | France

While reaching out to Turks in France, one long-term worker feels like Apostle Paul: preaching in house churches and getting kicked out of a mosque.

Cross-cultural pioneers
19-Jan-2018 | Hong Kong

OM team in Hong Kong breaks cross-cultural ground, learning how to reach out to the ethnic minority, largely ignored by the Chinese population.

Using their toolbox
19-Jan-2018 | Netherlands

A couple uses their God-given cultural and evangelistic tools, gained from years spent in the Muslim world, to reach out to Turkish Muslims.

From Afghanistan to Australia
16-Jan-2018 | Australia

A former Afghan fighter discovers Jesus Christ in the Qur’an.


OM exists to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.


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International Update - Lawrence Tong

OM Celebrates 60 Years

60 Years

Changing the trajectory

"Today’s stark reality is that more than 2.8 billion people have not heard this message of hope and transformation—and 57,000 people are added to this...

Keeping our goals as the priority

"If we are serious about planting churches among the least reached as how we do mission, we must always be willing to question, reconsider and...

When caring for the needy means us

"In order to fulfil our mandate, there are several needs we must invest in," says Stephan Bauer.

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