OM Celebrates 60 Years

OM is celebrating 60 years in 2017. Weekly over the course of the coming anniversary year, we are presenting 60 defining moments that have shaped OM into what we are today.

Freeing the Dalits
23-Sep-2018 | India

In 1988, it became evident to leadership that OM needed to respond to the hundreds of millions of poor and marginalised in India, specifically the Dalit-Bahujan people, or ‘untouchables’.

Welcoming strangers
17-Nov-2017 | Netherlands

Thousands of people have sought refuge in Europe in the past decades; in 2015, the number exploded. OM teams welcome the foreigners to their new home countries.

An amazing God-given tool
12-Oct-2017 | International

An amazing God-given tool to mobilise and inspire people to make a difference: Global Village.

Letting God lead us forward
21-Dec-2017 | International

OM is known for action, not reflection; for pioneering, not reminiscing. Still, we are wise to celebrate milestones and learn from our past, whatever will serve us well for today...

Changing the face of missions
20-Dec-2017 | International

As a young organisation, OM challenged the status quo of world missions and has since evolved into a global movement seeking to share the gospel with the least reached.

Using new technology to share the gospel
14-Dec-2017 | International

When it comes to reaching the least-reached, OM workers are using new technology to make ministry more effective—one byte at a time.

Counting the cost
07-Dec-2017 | International

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13). A few in OM’s history have experienced this and are honoured as...

Loving in word and deed
01-Dec-2017 | International

OM first looked to other organisations to provide practical aid but now couples relief and development with its core vision.

Broadcasting the gospel to Afghans
25-Nov-2017 | International

Pamir Productions, formed in 1991, passionately uses all forms of media to spread the gospel to Afghans worldwide.

Local volunteers on board Logos Hope make a difference
10-Nov-2017 | Hong Kong

Logos Hope's Visitor Experience deck creatively engages people with the gospel as local volunteers make the language and cultural barriers obsolete.

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