OM Celebrates 60 Years

OM is celebrating 60 years in 2017. Weekly over the course of the coming anniversary year, we are presenting 60 defining moments that have shaped OM into what we are today.

Freedom for captives
19-Oct-2017 | International

At the heart of missions lies a passion for justice. In every community in which OM is involved, working for justice for the oppressed and vulnerable is part of ministry.

An amazing God-given tool
12-Oct-2017 | International

An amazing God-given tool to mobilise and inspire people to make a difference: Global Village.

Planting churches through sports
03-Oct-2017 | International

From surf towns in Portugal to small communities in Zambia, God is using sports to break down barriers and bring people together in fellowship with Him.

Embracing kingdom impact
28-Sep-2017 | International

Throughout the history of the movement, OM has encouraged the formation of many new organisations.

Microbusiness is ministry
21-Sep-2017 | International

All over the world, people with physical and spiritual needs—and the capacity to work—are esteemed by OM through its training and investment in business enterprise.

Sustainable solutions for missions
13-Sep-2017 | International

A lack of funding prevents many churches in the Global South from sending missionaries, so OM is working on sustainable ways to support workers to go to the least reached.

You can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe
05-Sep-2017 | International

In 2009, OM in Africa and Pro Christo merged to greatly expand their ministry reach on the continent.

A new wave of missionaries
30-Aug-2017 | International

A fresh wind of the Spirit is blowing from the Global South as the Church awakens to the command to go and make disciples of all nations.

The transformational power of the arts
24-Aug-2017 | International

As we celebrate OM’s 60th anniversary, we also celebrate using the arts to bridge cultural, language and generational gaps, ultimately enabling God’s people to express His redemptive purpose for mankind.

A people rising to reach their nation and beyond
18-Aug-2017 | Moldova

In Europe’s poorest country, national believers take the lead in meeting needs and equipping compatriots to transform their communities, their country and the world.

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