Mission Trips for the Whole Family

27 Apr, 2009 | United States
Lane Powell
Family members went on a short term mission trip to Panama and loved the experience!
Have you ever thought of experiencing missions with your whole family? Some OM trips give that opportunity, like a recent event in Panama.

During the week of Easter, a group from the US went to Panama on an OM medical mission trip. The group included a family of six, and the parents said their prayer had been to take their whole family. They wanted their children to see the parents involved in ministry and wanted the kids themselves to participate in ministry.

The group based themselves in a small town eight hours’ bus ride from the capital city, and every day they went to a different village to run a medical clinic. While the six medical staff on the team handled clinic duties, the rest of the group participated in outreach to the hundreds of villagers who waited to be seen. The group used sports, games, skits and colored bracelets that present the Gospel as ways to connect with local children and youth. As they explained the Gospel to the children in various ways, the adults listened and took it all in, too.

A highlight for the parents of the family on the trip was seeing their children reaching other lives in ministry. The father says, “I saw my kids involved in serving. I looked over and there were my 10- and 12-year-old girls talking to these girls from an indigenous family [the Gnobe people group]. It’s amazing how girls giggling is a universal language! My boys had learned some illusion tricks and used them, through translators, to share about Jesus.”

Through the week, the medical clinic treated a total of 985 people and used healthcare as a means to present the Gospel. As the team worked alongside the local church, their goal was to create interest and link people to the church so the church can continue to follow up and help the people come to fully understand a relationship with Jesus.

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