A gift for Gift

06 Sep, 2011 | Zambia
Carlos Andrez Montanes
The gift of a new wheelchair was a miracle to Zambian missionary Gift Malambo.
In 2008 Gail Ferber (USA) received a message from the Lord. The pastor of her home church in Las Vegas, Nevada, said to her: “You are so gifted in sewing. You have to share it with other people around the world.” Soon after, Gail met Coen Scholtz, the associate director of OM Africa. He also encouraged her to share her skills and abilities with those in Africa.  

In 2009, Gail had planned to visit the country, but was unable to make the trip; instead, she donated sewing machines to OM’s ladies’ skills ministry.   

This year, Gail was finally able to go to Zambia and attended OM Africa’s Love Africa Conference in Kabwe. Before she went, she felt strongly that she needed to bring a wheelchair with her. Little did she know that three months earlier, Zambian missionary Gift Malambo had been severely injured in an accident that had left him paralysed. He was in the process of recovery, but the doctors would not let him leave the hospital to attend the OM conference without a wheelchair. 

But they couldn’t find a wheelchair. Gift thought he would have to spend the weekend in the hospital and miss worshipping with the other 600 believers at the conference.

Gail’s arrival with the wheelchair was an answer to Gift’s prayer. He could leave the hospital and was able to attend the Love Africa Conference. With tears in her eyes, Gail said, “I´m so touched that the Lord used me as an answer to prayer! I don´t deserve it, but He still chose to use me and what He gave me as a gift, for Gift.”

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