Doing something wild for Jesus

26 Sep, 2011 | Zambia
OM International
George and his girlfriend Mariya worked with OM Zambia for a few weeks in a village on the border of Lake Tanganyika. A personal trainer in the UK, George started a gym for the people in the village.
“We always wanted to see wildlife and to do something for Jesus,” said George Stoimenov (Bulgaria) about himself and his girlfriend Mariya. The couple recently attended OM Africa’s Love Africa Conference in Kabwe, Zambia, and shared their story with OM writer, Carlos Montañez.

George is a personal trainer in the town of Worthing, England. Mariya was a swimming teacher, but because of the high amount of chlorine in the UK´s pools she had an allergic reaction and quit her job.

The couple went to Zambia for three weeks, to the town of Mpulungu on the border of Lake Tanganyika, where OM works. Here they saw a crocodile for the first time, and other wild animals not found at home. George looked for what he could do to help the local community and God showed him that he could teach the men in the village how to lift weights. He started a gym for the people in the village, and in the process he learned that the wildest thing he could ever do in life was share Jesus with other people using the skills God had given him.

Praise God for this couple who have learned that God can use their skills for His glory. Please pray for others like them to find how they can use their skills in missions.

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