Never too old to be a missionary

10 Nov, 2011 | Moldova
OM International
Their advanced age does not hinder Love Moldova team members, Paulina (middle) and Maria (right) get fully involved with the children through drama, crafts and games.
For many years, Maria, an elderly Christian lady has cooked meals for the OM team in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

She expresses her appreciation of the young people on the OM team, but also seems remorseful. "If I were still young,” she says, “I would want to become a missionary and do what you are doing too!"

Although Maria knew she could be a missionary to those around her and support the work of OM Moldova by serving the team, she could not shake off the regret she felt for not having got involved in missions earlier.

Then a year ago, as is customary every September, new members joined the OM Moldova team, and this time Paulina, a 61-year-old Moldovan widow, was amongst them. Paulina has since amazed everyone with her enthusiasm as she works with the elderly just as passionately as with children. 

...Maria experienced how God is able to use people of all ages.

Maria was amongst those inspired by Paulina's example. Encouraged to take a step of faith herself, she signed up for one of OM Moldova’s summer outreaches this year. Serving together with Paulina on a team of all ages, Maria experienced how God is able to use people in every stage of life.

Now Maria is in discussion with OM and her pastor as she prays about how she can become more involved in missions in the future.

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