Loved and not forgotten

16 May, 2013 | Panama
Christina Hydes
An OMer from Panama explains to four young boys that God wants to transform their lives. Only the Lord can heal the wounds of their past.
This month has been filled with much joy and laughter for 24 boys with a troubled past between the ages of 10-17. The boys are in an orphanage because the government has removed them from dangerous situations at home. The OM team in Panama has been sharing with them about creation and that God says what He has made is good.

The team shared this idea with them practically by having them look into a mirror and be reminded that God sees them as beautiful, because they were made in His image. "We also made paper mache globes as a reminder that God created the earth for each of us to enjoy, admire and have authority over the resources," shared one team member.

These boys are very familiar with working the land and maintaining authority over animals as they help with daily chores of feeding pigs, chickens and ducks and tending to crops including beans, corn and plantains. What they are not so familiar with is recognising that God made them for good and right relationships.

"We as a team know that God created each of them with a purpose beyond our understanding," said another team member. "Our goal is to remind them that they are loved and not forgotten."

Recently, during small group time with some of the boys, a few of them shared their stories. The wounds that these boys have are deep and dark, and they face a reality many people have never had to. The good news is that they got out before they lost their physical life, but they have many battles ahead should they try to regain their spiritual health. The OM Panama team is dedicated to helping them with that journey.

The team asks for prayers for this group of boys, as the boys face spiritual warfare to overcome the abuse and abandonment they have suffered. Pray as well for the team to be used as the hands and feet of God in the lives of these boys.

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