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21 Jun, 2013 | Panama
OM International
A few volunteers are on their way to a house of a poor local family to improve their lives by building a concrete floor. The volunteers are part of a big group of 80 young Americans.
In June, a group of about 80 young Americans travelled from Chicago, US, to Volcán, Panama, to impact the local community and see lives transformed by God. Two churches, Kenilworth Union church in Chicago and Lighthouse Ministries in Volcán partnered with OM to bless many, especially children, in Panama.

Their primary focus was to help prepare the infrastructure at Lighthouse Ministries so the church would soon be ready to start a food kitchen. This project aims to feed and support 200 underprivileged local children with three meals a week.

Over the course of five days the group of young people, between the ages of 15 and 18, painted walls, built a big concrete floor, cleaned the area, constructed walls and helped build a wooden house.

They also wanted to directly bless local families and help those in need. Many families can't afford a concrete floor, and because of this, they suffer from skin diseases. So, the group raised money and constructed concrete floors in local houses.

They also offered programmes for kids in the afternoon, particularly the kids that will be receiving meals from the food kitchen. While building the floors in the houses, the kids came to play and have a great time with the young Americans. One evening the local youth was invited for an English Café in order to practise English and get in closer contact with the volunteers from Chicago.

The teenagers from the US were just as impacted as the families in Volcán by this trip. Seeing the circumstances many poor families in Volcán have to live in, their hearts were touched. "I learnt to appreciate the things I have at home more and be grateful for them," one participant said.

They were also transformed in their spiritual lives during the devotionals held every evening. Topics like evolution, how to pray, the Trinity and the importance of the Bible were discussed. It opened their hearts and perspectives. The example of the OM Panama workers challenged them and prompted questions like: “Why do they pray so much?”

Please pray that the teenagers would grow in faith while back home in Chicago. Pray for the families that were impacted and blessed during this outreach so they may receive hope in their lives.

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