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04 Oct, 2013 | Panama
Christina Hydes
Homes on a landfill in Panama.
From the moment OM Panama started their dump ministry, a shy old man is attending the weekly programmes faithfully. Every Tuesday afternoon, OM team members come for personal conversations with the people living and working on the garbage dump in the city of David. They present creative programmes through which they explain the gospel.

The first time the team visited the garbage dump, the man was so drunk he could barely stand. He didn’t talk much but accepted the food and drinks that were offered.

As the weeks passed by, one of the volunteers took the time to ask this man about his past and how he came to the dump. “His name is German Rodriguez and he is from the indigenous tribe Ngöbe-Buglé,” shared one of the team members. “Spanish is his second language and he is naturally a man of few words. But one day we asked him if he would like prayer for something. He responded that he did not know how to pray, but wanted to let God know that he is grateful for His work and provisions.”

Two daughters

German did not know about the ministry of Jesus nor did he know how to pray. But the OM Panama team member took a leap of faith and asked if he would like to learn more about Jesus, the son of God, and he said yes. The relationship began with an honest conversation in which German shared that his wife left him because of his drinking problem and that he has two daughters he doesn’t have contact with. “One of his greatest desires is to see them be successful and do better than he did,” recalled the team member.

Recognizing an opportunity to talk about Gods love for him, the team member shared Matthew 7:11 - Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. German then said he would like to read the Bible because it seemed as if there were so many answers in it. And he was looking for answers.

Sometimes searching for answers in the Bible only brings more questions and this is exactly what happened in German’s case. Every week since the OM team member gave him a Bible, German has had questions ready. Subsequently, the OM team member decided to give him a notebook to write down all his questions, plus a guideline for prayer as outlined by the Lord’s prayer.


German just needed starting points and he has soared with what he has been given. He recently requested a headlamp to read at night. The OM team hopes that through the time spent together every Tuesday, answering his questions and praying together, that God will continue to reveal himself to German and bring internal and external healing to his life.

Please pray with the OM Panama team for German's spiritual life to continue growing and for his vision to be healed. He has cataracts that prevent him from seeing well. Pray also for the OM Panama team members to not grow weary in investing their time answering his questions. As a testimony to the work God has already been doing, German has never again been drunk in the presence of the OM Panama team.

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