‘I have to come here again’

09 Aug, 2013 | Netherlands
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“I came back [to Transform] this year because I started thinking about my first experience sharing my personal story, and I knew I did not want to miss out on this experience,” said Fêdde from the Netherlands.

His story started when he was 11 years old. A school friend had invited him to an event, but Fêdde was unsure whether he should accept the invitation.

“I was just afraid because I was not totally accepted, and the stories I had heard [about the group of people] were not OK,” he said. His indecision kept him from sleep one evening, and he prayed about the situation.

“That moment I went to prayer, it felt like two hands were covering me, and the words, ‘I am always with you,’” came to his mind, he said. “That comforted me.”

Afterwards, he attended the event and had a good time for a night. God’s promise of His presence stayed with Fêdde much longer. 

“I know that God is with me, and I do not have to be afraid,” he said.

Fêdde first shared this story with a group of locals in the Near East during the Transform 2012 outreach.

“A group of local believers were sharing their faith. We were singing and praising God and praying over this group,” he said.

Then two young local men approached Fêdde, asking him what he was doing. Fêdde asked a translator—who was a member of the local church—to explain to the men. The translator, however, had other plans.

“Instead of explaining it to them, he said something in Arabic and turned to me and said I was [going to] share my testimony. He ‘set me up,’” Fêdde said.

After the two local men heard Fêdde’s story, they asked, “Have you ever gone against the will of God as you were afraid to do?”

“Sure,” Fêdde said. “That’s why we need Jesus. Jesus restored the relationship between God and us.”

The translator took a long time explaining the story, so Fêdde believes he filled in the language gaps for the men, who heard the truth of the gospel that night.

In fact, Fêdde still tells his friends about his first experience at Transform, and the retelling excites him anew.

“Actually, when I shared this with friends, it made me so passionate again, that I thought, ‘I cannot just stay home and be bored; I have to come here again,’” he said. “I want to experience more in my walk with God."

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