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29 Oct, 2013 | Portugal
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OM Portugal now has an outreach team ministering to the strongly Catholic town of Fátima. The outreach started in October, led by João and Natalia Rodrigues.

In 1985, when João was just 16, an OM team visited his home church.

“I remember João coming with us every day as we went out to do evangelism,” said Neil Mason, the OM Portugal director. “João and I have been friends ever since.”

For the past years João has been a pastor, but he and his family felt God calling them to take the gospel out onto the streets in Fátima. João has also served on the OM Portugal board for several years. After spending a week at OM’s Lifehope ministry in Birmingham, UK, around Easter, João and Natalia took a step of faith and moved to Fátima to begin the Fátima outreach.

Fátima is a place of Roman Catholic pilgrimage because of the apparitions of Mary in 1917. In 1640 the Portuguese king, John IV, placed his crown at the feet of a statue of Mary in Fátima and called her “the true queen of Portugal”. The area remains resistant to the gospel, and anyone beginning a ministry there is admired for their courage.

“Last week when we were on the street [in Fátima], I gave a New Testament to a man who was passing by,” said João. “He took it, looked at it, then proceeded to rip it to pieces and throw the pages on the ground.

“I was going to collect the pieces when I saw another man pick up a page and start to read. Then he picked up another and another. I went to talk to him and offered him a booklet like I had given the previous man. He was so happy! We talked a while and have arranged to meet and talk about the Scriptures.”

One of the biggest challenges for João and Natalia is financial support. OM Portugal has struggled for years financially, and although they are very happy to start this new project, they need to see God’s provision. Their hope is that God will raise up partners to give to João and Natalia’s ministry.

Despite the challenges, João and Natalia are faithfully responding to God’s call to share the gospel in Fátima.

Please pray for financial support for this new outreach in Fátima and open hearts to receive the good news. In December OM Portugal will receive a Transit Challenge team for 10 days of outreach in Fátima and Leiria. Please pray this time will be fruitful as well.

To see what else God is doing through OM Portugal, visit their news page.

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