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03 Feb, 2014 | Netherlands
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The first Teens in Mission event in Hardenberg, Netherlands.
What do Dutch teenagers do during their two-week Christmas break? Normally, they enjoy sleeping in, meeting friends and go shopping. This year 60 teens did something different during their holidays – they went on a four-day mission event: Teens in Mission (TiM).

During the outreach, they talked about God with each other and with people on the streets. They visited the elderly, handed out traditional New Year’s food, made balloon dogs, danced and invited people to a special church service.

“We knew that not all the teenagers could describe a living relationship with God,” said coordinator Wiepie Vanderveen. “Some of them signed up not being sure of their own faith, even though they knew we were going to share our faith on the streets in Hardenberg.”

To invest in the lives of the teens, each group had a coach. “A coach is enormously important and can help the teens with their questions,” explained Wiepie.

One participant, Willemien, joined to Teens in Mission to find out more about God. She attends church in her home town but wanted to find out what God means for her personally. “After these four days I’m still not sure,” she said, “but my coach said that it is a long process.”

Another teen, Iris, met a boy on the street during the outreach who became interested in learning more about her faith. “He looked a bit like those hip-hop guys,” she said. “We were a bit scared by the way he looked.” But after playing soccer, Iris invited him to attend the church service. That night she was surprised to see him there.

“I was welcoming people and suddenly I saw that guy from the street, together with his friends. I ran to him and pulled him in the building,” she said. “After the service we talked for a long time. We gave him a book and exchanged phone numbers so we can keep in touch and help him grow in faith.”

Praise God for working in each teen’s life. Please pray for the lives of the teenagers and those they met during TiM. Would you like to receive more info about TiM in the Netherlands? Contact OM Netherlands at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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