What would you wish for?

04 Sep, 2014 | Portugal
Karoliina Gröhn
A young woman from Finland took part in the surfing outreach in Portugal.
Meri*, a young woman from Finland, participated in Transform 2014. While at the conference, she heard Richard Sharp speak.

Richard is an Englishman who has worked with OM for decades. He was a missionary in India, and in leadership on board various OM ships. Life was a struggle for him as he grew up, but when God got hold of his life, a new adventure began for him. Richard’s dream is to mobilise the young generation for God to do extraordinary things for Him. He wants to get people talking about Jesus.

"If you could wish for one thing from God for you, what would you wish for?" he asks his audience at Transform, pointing his finger towards the ceiling and then directly at the individuals sitting in front of him. He is serious: “What would you wish for?”

Richard has asked that same question many times. His finger has pointed toward strangers, people sitting next to him at airports, and hundreds of Christians who want to learn how to talk about God in a postmodern world. A simple question seems to be all it takes.

A couple of days later, during Transform’s surfing outreach in Portugal, Meri sits in a Portuguese cafe taking a break from surfing. She is seated across the table from a Swiss man who has come to Portugal to chase some waves.

Meri decides then to give Richard's idea a go. "If you could wish for one thing from God for you, what would you wish for?" she asks the man with a smile on her face. The man says he's not very religious, but would like to wish for big waves, of course.

"What would you wish for?" he asks Meri. Surprised that she is asked the same question, Meri decides to share her most significant prayer request.

Now it's the Swiss man's turn to look surprised. "Now that you told me something that personal, I'd like to wish for..." – and he begins his story.

And just like that two strangers share a piece of life with each other. Meri gets permission to pray for what the man has wished for. Her own vulnerability has opened a door from meaningless to meaningful. Richard was right; all you need is a simple question.

*name changed

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