Sharing with gang members

03 Aug, 2015 | Panama
OM International
Participants of an international outreach in Panama are praying together for the week ahead.
Every year during “Holy Week” activities around Easter, the OM teams in Central America organize a large international outreach, and this year it was held in Panama. A few weeks before the outreach, a couple came to the church pastored by the leader of OM Panama. The woman wanted her husband to become a follower of Jesus just like she is; at the service, the man gave his life to Christ.

When there were only two weeks left to “Holy Week,” the man learned that the local OM team didn’t have sound equipment for the outreach. This man, who had only recently given his life to Jesus, went to the OM Panama leader and said: “I have all the equipment you need. You can use it for free.”

During the outreach, the participants formed groups and went to different locations and churches to do evangelism and minister to the people. The man who was saved just a few weeks ago, also joined the outreach with his wife. The couple was part of a group that went to a dangerous, gang-run area in Panama.

The first time the group entered the gang territory, the participants were not aware of the situation and shared about Jesus with innocent hearts and free of any worries. But the team started to notice people watching them from the windows, observing their steps and actions.

The next day the group returned, and now being aware of the situation, were more worried about their safety. However, later that day, one of the gang leaders came up to the volunteers and asked them to pray for the gang members. "Tell them about Jesus." The group not only shared about the Lord, but prayed for those involved in the gang. “God didn’t just protect us, but actually used us to share the gospel with those who need it most,” said one of the participants.

The outreach participants also saw first hand how God used a man, who had given his life to Jesus just a few weeks before, to build his Kingdom.

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