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09 Dec, 2015 | Poland
Donna Delik
ZOOM 2015 -The first ever mission conference in such a scale, over 350 participants and many daily visitors
"Tears of gratitude filled my eyes when I saw young Polish believers waving flags of many different nations and worshipping God at the top of their lungs," said Weronika Czajko, OM Poland team member. "Let the whole earth praise Him!”

It was the opening night of ZOOM conference, a three-day event from 16-18 October in Warsaw, Poland, organised by OM Poland and a local church, partnering with 15 local and international organisations.

Over 350 participants, young and old, from 95 cities, and from more than 20 denominations, gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of OM ministry in Poland.

In 1965 OM Founder George Verwer, along with friends, went to Poland. It was then a socialist country on the doorstep of the Soviet Union. From the stories shared by many Polish believers, it was clear to the OM team that the early OM work in the second half of 1960s, and beyond, had a lasting impact on those who later became leaders and advocates of global missions.

The event was born out of OM Poland’s desire to enlarge and sharpen the global vision of Polish churches. The inspiration came from George Verwer himself, when he reminded OM Poland team members of the 50th anniversary during conversation at Mission-Net 2013. The celebration grew to be the largest project the current OM Poland team has ever taken on.

"Even though we recognised our shortcomings in many areas, we genuinely believed that God would shake Polish believers out of their comfort zone, inviting them to see what He sees, and care for what He cares for,” said Arek Delik, the leader of OM’s work in Poland.

Throughout the preparation process, many joined, and the OM Poland team saw resources and opportunities open in miraculous ways. "We were greatly blessed by our OM international family, providing excellent speakers from around the world,” Arek said.

The weekend was packed with various sessions, presentations and interviews. Participants could choose from 11 workshops and seminars, with topics ranging from Buddhism to dealing with sexual sin, and from Bible translation to cross-generational communication. The Global Market exhibition provided a platform for conversation. Each exhibitor added a unique flavour to the mix, and participants could connect with different ministries. The exhibitors also expressed encouragement at the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between different organisations.

Marcel Georgel of OM France shared, “It was an amazing time at ZOOM. We were right at the centre of what God calls us to do through OM, to transform lives and communities through the message of the Gospel, and by actions in tune with that message, by mobilising the church. I am so impressed by the Polish sisters and brothers.”

Like many exhibitors, Maciej Wilkosz from The Voice of the Martyrs in Poland had prayed for years for such an event. Maciej had become a believer through the work of a missionary and had dreamed that one day Poland would send out missionaries to the unreached. He felt God fulfilled his dream through the ZOOM event.

One participant wrote, “I am very thankful for ZOOM. I was deeply moved during the sermons and worship time. Desire for missions is kindling in my heart. I will pray for God’s calling, learn languages, and learn about different cultures.”

Another participant said, “It was an extraordinary and inspiring weekend. Despite its intensity, I did not feel tired, which to me is a confirmation that nothing refreshes my soul and body more than devoting my time to God’s missions.”

Jan Macuta, who had attended the first OM meeting in the town of Giżycko in 1965, offered a prayer of thanksgiving for OM’s 50 years of ministry in Poland. At that first meeting, George Verwer preached, and Jan committed his life to Jesus and a lifetime of ministry, later becoming a pastor and missionary.  

Today, George Verwer, at age 77, still actively mobilises God’s people across the world to live for the sake of the kingdom.

“The participants were inspired not only by the messages George delivered at the event, but also by the example of his lifelong passion and service,” said Arek. “They appreciated George’s openness to talk about his own vulnerability and failures, delighting in the grace of God, who never gave up on him. When George challenged them to take the first step towards God’s calling, we were amazed to see people stand up one by one, with more than two-thirds of the audience on their feet towards the end.

“Please join us in praising God, who made this dream come true," continued Arek. "God was doing great things during this event; let’s pray that He will continue to stir the hearts of those who attended ZOOM 2015!"

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