Refugee ministry- a personal reflection

27 Jan, 2016 | Hungary
a newly arrived family at the border wait for a hot tea
OM Hungary team member Jill* shares a personal reflection about volunteering with refugees.

It’s been a privilege to feel like the hands and feet of Christ as I have been a part of different teams serving food and hot drinks to thousands of people.

We have also been able to share the love of Christ through scriptures and New Testaments in their own language and with personal words of encouragement in English.

The last few months as I have served, the people have become not just numbers reported in the news, but faces that express the weariness of thousands of miles travelled, then the gratefulness of a hot drink and food to eat. 

Alongside other volunteers from all over Europe and all walks of life, I have given out practical things such as blankets, tooth brushes and toothpaste, warm clothes and shoes, provided families with baby packages containing bottles of formula, nappies (diapers), wet wipes and cleansers. 

Contrary to some people’s perception, the refugees are not just single young men, not just the poor and uneducated. There are many families with young children and babies, many of the people I have met are highly educated and fluent in English just seeking safety from the war and a future for their family.

It’s been my privilege to show just a few of these people Christ’s love in a very practical way. As I continue to minister in different places and give them some encouragement and hope in the midst of a dark and difficult time, my prayer is that they will also come to know the love of Christ for themselves.    

*Full name not included for security purposes

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