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28 Jan, 2016 | Germany
OM International
Mosbach, Germany :: Participants at the GO Conference worship together.
Fifty of the Logos Hope’s eighty newest crewmembers have been gearing up for the adventure of serving God at sea at the GO Conference in Mosbach, Germany. Described as a "spiritual growth spurt", new joiners have spent time fellowshipping with others joining OM for shore-based missions around the world.

They’ve received training in emotional intelligence, stepping into other cultures with sensitivity, and working as a team. They’ve learnt about serving sacrificially and have ventured out on mini-missions without a plan, money, or telephone.

They’ve sampled other foods and styles of eating; getting to grips with chopsticks and having to be content with just a plate of rice – a typical meal for most of the world’s population.

And they’ve worshipped God with fellow Christians who speak other languages and bring different forms of expression to the common praise.

Impressions from the Conference

“This conference is so much more than learning about OM. It’s learning about ourselves, deepening our relationship with God and understanding how to work with others in a harmonious Christian team.”

“It’s been great to experience so many cultures. We may have grown up in different families and backgrounds, but we all know the same Lord. I’ve found it so powerful to sing together as a group.”

“The morning sessions, explaining OM’s core values, have felt like God is taking me back to the basics and laying a common foundation in us all. I feel like we’re going out to serve Him from the same platform.”

“It’s hard to leave the life I had to join the ship. It’s drummed into us that you go to school, get a job, you’re expected to have a family, buy a house and save for retirement. Those are the riches of the world, but in taking this leap of faith I’ve heard so many testimonies about how rich people have become in terms of God’s blessing and spiritual growth through doing something like this. I’m excited.”

Pray for these new crewmembers to continue to grow in faith, trust, and wisdom as they prepare to minister around the world.

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