Now I can walk

30 Mar, 2016 | Switzerland
OM International
Young Tourist in Zurich
The OM team, “Hope for Zürich”, walked up to a group of teenage boys and offered them a prize if they could answer a set of questions correctly. They noticed one of the boys was paying a lot of attention to the game.

Soon, the team also noticed that he needed crutches to move around and that one of his ankles was wrapped in bandages. They asked if they could pray for his ankle to be healed. The boy agreed, even though it seemed like he did not completely understand the question.

The team prayed, and then asked him to try to walk without his crutches. First he was limping a bit but soon started walking normally. First, the boy couldn't believe that his ankle was healed, then started telling all his friends around him: “I don't know what happened. This man put his hand on my ankle and now I can walk!”

The team was able to talk about the Good News and about how Jesus is the ultimate healer. Though coming from a Muslim background, this teenager started to think about who Jesus really is. They gave him a bible, and now pray that he will discover Jesus in a whole new way.

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