A light in the darkness

08 Dec, 2016 | Malawi
Rebecca Rempel
OMer MacDonalds house lit up at night.
Amongst the flickering orange glow of the fires in Chisopi, Malawi shines another light – and it’s bright. 

Lit up like a beacon, OM worker MacDonald’s house is one of two buildings in the village to have power; the other is a small house that charges phones for a fee. 

MacDonald’s house was as dark as any others until April when he received a solar panel and battery from donors. Now his family can enjoy light in the evening and charge their electronics. And the benefits don’t stop at his family, or the rest of the OM team.

Seeing the bright light has caused the community to become interested and come around asking questions. In this Muslim community, it can be hard to make connections so the team celebrates every opportunity to talk with people and build relationships. Besides satisfying their curiosity, MacDonald also invites people to charge their phones. 

“We are here for the people. We don’t charge them. For them to find the money can be difficult so we are just helping them to charge their phones so they can communicate with friends,” said MacDonald.

“I want to thank God. We were praying that God could provide the solars so that we could have light and we have seen God intervene. I won’t take that for granted. I want to say thank you to the donors for the solar panels and batteries. They are with us each and every time we use power; they are a part of the ministry here in Chisopi,” he shared. 

In addition to being a physical light in the community, pray that the Chisopi team will continue to be a spiritual light as well, reflecting the light of the Saviour to all the dark corners of the village.

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