A Seminar-retreat for pastors from the conflict zone in Ukraine

23 Oct, 2016 | Ukraine
OM International
OM Ukraine together with experts in crisis management held a seminar for pastors serving on both sides of the conflict line in Eastern Ukraine.
A retreat for pastors from the conflict zone.

Work continues with churches from near and within the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine.  ОМ Ukraine, together with crisis management specialists held a seminar-retreat for pastors, who work every day in stressful situations serving people on both sides of the conflict zone. The OM team has realised that investing in pastors is of utmost neccessity. A healthy pastor can grow a healthy church! After a time of rest the participants were able to learn new things and digest material presented. And just as Elijah after being fed and resting they were able to go back and attend to the calling God has for them.  "We haven't had such rest for long time!" was some of the positive feedback of this seminar, as the most important time during this seminar was quiet time with God in a place, where they didn't have to serve but were served instead! Oleg Abaturov from OM Ukraine believes, that the Holy Spirit served each pastor individually. Now a few months later the OM team has heard so many testimonies of God's glory. 



One of the couples, serving within the confict zone attended the seminar are Andrey and Irina*. They shared their testimony, exclaiming that they haven't rested like this in eight years. Eight years ago, Irina's brother and his wife died leaving three children to be taken care of. Andrey and Irina adopted the these three. As they had no children of their own they saw the kids as a huge present from the Lord. Five years later they adopted another two children. Since work in the war zone is not to be found, the family's livelihood depends on their vegetable garden and some money they receive from the government for the children and a small salary the church is able to afford for their pastor. Thus they trust in the Lord who is the father of the fatherless. Yet we know that winter is coming and their home needs repairs... We praise God for those people who have not left, who takes responsibility for the Lord's flock, who praises the Lord for everyone who has send some form of help to Ukraine during this time of crisis. This family believes that the children they have is a gift from the Lord and wants to raise them to serve Jesus Christ as His disciples. Praise be to the Most High. 


Бог сделал  для нас подарок (история)

Одна пасторская, семейная пара из зоны АТО в Восточной Украине, Андрей и Ирина, побывав на семинаре,  поделились свидетельством своего сердца. Бог сделал для нас подарок! – говорили они о семинаре. Это так надо для пастырей! Мы так не отдыхали 8 лет! Именно 8 лет назад, брат Ирины и его жена умерли, оставив на эту семью трех детей! Не  имевшие детей – получили подарок! Это настолько изменило их жизнь, что через 5 лет они решили усыновить еще двоих! И открыли небольшой сиротский дом.  Работы в том регионе практически нет. Они работают на огороде, получают немного денег на детей, немного поддерживает их церковь. Но они радуются малому, говоря, что Бог поддерживает их разными способами, потому, что Бог заботится о сиротах. Стучат, просят, молятся и доверяют Богу свои нужды. «Впереди зима, говорят родители, а в доме сквозняки и сыро. Слава Богу, за тех, кто жертвует на это служение кризиса в Украине и мы можем помочь им. «Кто кормит сирот, тот кормит Меня», проворил к ним Бог. Они верят – что Бог дал им подарок – детей! Они хотят вырастить их настоящими учениками Иисуса Христа. Слава Всевышнему!

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