Healed eyes

15 Jun, 2017 | South Africa
OM International
In rural Lesotho medical treatment is not always available or affordable. God had used the team to intervene for a young girl who also went away praising God.
Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is an extensive training programme in South Africa aimed at equipping people for a missional life wherever God calls them. Part of the course involves the students applying what they learnt during lectures in a practical way: outreaches. 

Freddy, from the Seychelles, visited the small mountainous country of Lesotho with his MDT team in 2016 on an outreach. 

Noticing a girl with red and puffy eyes he went over to her and asked what was wrong. The girl explained that she had been playing with other children and as a joke they had rubbed mud in her face. From the muck, both her eyes were now infected and causing her pain. Medical treatment is not always readily available in Lesotho, and when it is, it is usually expensive which is why she had not sought treatment. 

Asking if he could pray for her, Freddy laid his hands over her eyes and prayed for the Lord to take away the infection. When he removed his hands the girl was healed. “They were completely normal, all the swelling and redness had gone!” Freddy remembered. The girl was astonished and went away praising God for miraculously healing her. 

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