Broken hearts' melody

27 Jun, 2017 | Kosovo
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Sali and Besim from the House of Joy headed off to their music lessons.
Valbona*, from the House of Joy ministry in Kosovo, tells about three children from the project that fell in love with music arts during an Arts Therapy session. It’s been a life-changing introduction for these youngsters from troubled backgrounds….

The local NGO House of Joy is a reintegration project, supported by OM Balkans, for families who are survivors of abuse. After it was started, the staff quickly saw the need for arts therapy to be one of the tools used to help the ladies and the children to get rehabilitated into the world and help them to express their brokenness and pain.

It was started by introducing the idea to the ladies, to gain a little bit of their trust for them to accept this idea and be open to utilising it. Everyone was very accepting of this fun way of expressing themselves with drawing, painting, and music.

After some time, it was seen that some of the children were very interested in the world of music, so they were introduced to it through a basic level music class taught at House of Joy, to see their true level of interest. Peter* taught introduction to music classes with the guitar and the piano and three of the children really loved it.

Project staff inquired of the music school in town to discuss with them the admittance of the children, and to the delight of everyone, the school staff were happy to register them in classes.

The children were given options of instruments to learn at the music school based on their age and the two boys, Sali* (10) and Besim* (8), decided to continue learning the guitar. One girl, Ariana* (10) decided to learn the flute as the piano class was full.

As they began their lessons we noticed that their instruments we purchased for them were bigger than them, but that their hearts desire for playing music was even bigger than their instruments, and so, bigger than their pain and brokenness.

The House of Joy is excited to see them working so hard to get the rhythm, and practise to get better each day as they complete their music homework. Sali and Besim attend classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Ariana attends on Monday and Thursday each week where some of the classes are one on one with a teacher, and others are in a group setting. The children have been attending classes since October 2016 and have already gained self-confidence to play in front of their families as well as wanting to show their skill with their instrument whenever there is an event at the House of Joy.

Because of their interest in music, they are getting more involved in the artistic programs at school and challenging themselves to be more creative. Our hope is that their hearts will become healed and they will get the right rhythm for their future by learning that hard work gains reward.

Please be praying for these children as they learn the disciplines of learning an instrument, that they would be dedicated and see how beneficial it will be for them in the future. Pray for this experience to continue to shape them into dedicated young men and women who see hope for their future.

*Names changed for security reasons

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