ZOOM+ 2017: God wants us to write His story

03 Aug, 2017 | Poland
Donna Delik
Zoom Mission conference team. OM Poland partnership with local church and volunteers
History belongs to God, yet He has involved His people in fulfilling His plan through commitment and responsibility that goes beyond Sunday services and meetings behind closed doors. The mission field of the Church is the world.

Convinced of this, in 2015 OM organised the first national mission conference, ZOOM, partnering with local churches and many mission organisations. Building on the momentum created there, it was decided to make the ZOOM conference a regular mission event in Poland. Organisers believed that God would use ZOOM to broaden the horizon of Polish believers and mobilise them to engage in God's missions through different means.

From 30 April – 3 May 2017, the second ZOOM national mission conference was held in Warsaw. Speakers, leaders and missionaries came from all over the world, brought together by their love of Jesus and a desire to serve wherever God leads. Some had crossed cultural and language barriers, while others had used modern technology to communicate the gospel. Some served the marginalised, involved in social justice for persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Presented with the scale of the world’s needs, participants were challenged to understand the importance of holistic mission in different spectrums of life.

In addition to various presentations and a variety of seminars and workshops, participants also interacted with speakers to learn more about their ministries and ways to be involved. In the Global Market, representatives from various organisations facilitated conversations with participants considering their future in missions.

“I love the teaching of all the speakers; each brought something fresh and challenging. I still remember what Pastor Nedzusiak said: ‘The best sometimes comes when we allow God to interrupt our well-planned lives…like the Good Samaritan who was willing to alter his plan to rescue the injured man on the road.’ Serving as translator for a workshop on Business As Mission, I was inspired by our speaker, Mats Tunehag. I now see missions in a much wider perspective. I still have a desire to work with people and share the gospel, but using business to serve God and people is really a good idea,’” said Aneta*, ZOOM participant and workshop translator.

Magda*, a Polish OM missionary in Macedonia, shared, “I missed talking about mission and sharing my experience with others. I am so grateful I could be part of ZOOM and share my struggles and challenges in serving in another culture. It helped me to reflect on my personal mission journey. I am also very encouraged to meet with so many Polish believers who feel God is calling them for missions.”

“All the teaching and sharing were very inspiring yet [also] practical. Meeting new people and listening to their stories of how God amazingly changed their lives was very encouraging. [The event] Prayer around the World was my highlight. It was amazing to see people representing every continent (except Antarctica) leading us in prayer for each continent. We zoomed out to the world to pray for Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Europe, zooming back to Poland. God opened my eyes to realise that there is such great spiritual need everywhere. I was deeply touched and sensed the spirit of unity in God was among us,” shared Ada*, a ZOOM volunteer.

In his book Living As People of Hope, Jeff Fountain, the main speaker of ZOOM, wrote, "But on both sides of the Atlantic, the later nineteenth century saw a doom-and-gloom eschatology, encouraging the faithful to seek the shelter of the church-ghettos, keeping a low social profile while awaiting for the Second Coming” (p.87).

ZOOM aimed to change the thinking of Polish Christians who find themselves in a dynamically changing reality to pursue God’s calling: daring to see the world from an entirely new perspective, and embracing God’s invitation to journey with Him beyond the confines of social divisions, cultures, generations and ideologies.

God did far more during ZOOM than the OM team imagined. The team was convinced that the over 300 participants from over 80 cities and towns were called by God. On the final evening, Avi Synder, a Jewish brother, led participants in celebrating the Lord’s Supper, explaining how the Passover promise was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The speakers came forward, stretching out their hands to commission participants to shine the light for Christ in different parts of Poland and beyond.

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