Rebuilding at 3,880 metres

22 Jul, 2017 | Nepal
Jakob H.
Homes in the Himalayas are often built out of manually cut stones and had very little mortar or stability to secure them. Many of these were destroyed or severley damaged during the 2015 earthquake in Nepal
After a community meeting for OM's earthquake response project, OM photographer Jakob H. sat down next to a 23-year-old man from Nawang, a village in the Himalayas, and asked him to share his story of how the earthquake in 2015 affected his life. The young man shared:

Before the earthquake, my family and I had a small bakery in a village on the trekking trail. There was also a Tibetan handicraft shop connected to the bakery so we could earn an income from the tourists who came by. My older sister and her husband built their own hotel two hours away in another village along the trail in the main village of our valley. She named the hotel Everest Hotel, and she lived and worked there with her two-year-old son and four-year-old daughter. We had great hopes that this new hotel would not only sustain her family, but that it would also support all of us as her wider family for many years to come.

However, all of our hopes were shattered on 25 April 2015. The major earthquake that day caused a portion of a glacier to break off a mountain and come crashing down in a massive ice and rock avalanche that covered our village, including Everest Hotel, my sister and her family.

Everyone and everything was buried in the avalanche under many meters of rock and ice. There was no chance of survival. Our bakery and Tibetan handicraft shop in the neighboring village were also destroyed. Our savings, that was kept in a cash box, was buried as well, and we were never able to recover any of it. Everything we had was gone.

From my family, only my parents and my brother survived that day. Along with the other survivors in our community, we were evacuated to a temporary camp in the capital city, where we stayed for several months after the earthquake. A foreign sponsor, who had also sponsored my education, sent my family some money, which we used to buy food to survive in the expensive city. But we were still without a house or income.

Now, two years after the earthquake, we were finally able to rebuild a hotel with a loan from the bank and help we received from our local reconstruction committee, OM and individual community members. We decided to name the new hotel Everest Hotel in memory of my sister and her family.

Through financial gifts received after the 2015 earthquakes, OM has shown love in practical ways to those who suffered the devestating effects of the earthquakes.

Jakob H. grew up in Europe and was deeply impacted by his first encounter with Asia in 2008. He has continued to pursue his love for exploring and photography and is passionate about using his skills to support and communicate what God is doing in the Himalayas. Here he shares about

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